Five advantages of impact crusher

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Impact crusher, also known as impact broken, is a high-end crushing equipment using impact energy to break materials, the equipment has high technology content, high production capacity, low energy consumption advantages.

Performance advantages are reflected in the following five aspects:


1. It is more effective for ore impact crusher to deal with materials with large wet capacity and effectively prevent material blockage.

When the water content of the material is too large, the feeding chute and counter plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with heating device to prevent the material from bonding.Impact crusher does not have to be equipped with bottom screen plate to effectively prevent blockage.

2, the ore impact crusher applies to a wider range of material hardness.

The plate hammer of the ore impact crusher is firmly fixed on the rotor with the mechanical clamping structure and has a great moment of inertia when rotating with the rotor.Compared with the hammer crusher (the hammer head is in a suspended state), the impact crusher rotor has greater momentum, suitable for crushing harder materials, and lower energy consumption.

3. Convenient and flexible adjustment of discharge particle size, wide adjustment range

Ore impact crusher can adjust the discharge particle size through a variety of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the impact plate and grinding cavity clearance.Clearance adjustment can be done mechanically or hydraulically. The adjustment of clearance can be conveniently completed by local operation button or operation distance control system.

4, wearing parts wear small, high metal utilization rate

Ore impact crusher hammer wear only in the face of the material.When the rotor speed is normal, the feeding material will fall to the surface of the hammer (striking surface), the back and side of the hammer are not worn.Even on the material side there is little wear.And the bottom grinding bar is easy to replace.Impact crusher hammer can be up to 45% - 48% metal utilization.

5, ore impact crusher spare parts replacement easy, maintenance costs correspondingly reduced

Only 6 board hammers are installed on the rotor of ore impact crusher. The replacement of board hammers can be easily carried out with the designed special tools. The replacement of a set of board hammers only needs one shift.

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