Features of energy saving ball mill

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As a large energy consumer, plant selection has been concerned by mining enterprises.In response to the basic national policy of "energy saving and consumption reduction", it is particularly important to reform the energy saving technology of ball mill, which is a high energy consumption equipment.
As a well-known large ball mill supplier in China, Jiangsu LVSSN's grinding equipment is of remarkable energy saving effect, up to 30%. The reduced energy consumption in the grinding process saves huge production cost for the whole concentrator.The following to introduce you under the energy-saving

ball mill several major features:

(1) rolling bearing is adopted instead of sliding bearing, which greatly reduces the friction force and makes it easier to start, and saves 20-30% power consumption compared with traditional ball mill.
(2) large row of ore mouth, at the same time using the standard mill discharge disk and grid plate, production capacity is large.
(3) the energy-saving ball mill with a diameter of 2.1 meters or less adopts an integral frame, which facilitates the construction of civil engineering and installation of equipment.
(4) in order to ensure the quality of energy saving mill, the inner wall is lined with groove type annular wear-resistant lining plate.It not only increases the contact surface and grinding effect of ball ore, but also improves the ore and reduces the energy consumption.At the same time, the wear-resisting lining board is light in weight, easy to replace, good wear-resisting performance and low noise, which greatly improves the service life of the energy-saving mill.

If there is anything else you need to know, please contact the customer service of jiangsu LVSSN for a detailed explanation.

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