Energy saving optimization of roller press

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From introduction to digestion and innovation, there is always a period of experience.At the beginning, we are very troublesome to maintain and repair the roll surface, in fact, we are troublesome to maintain stable and lasting operation. At the present stage, after the localization of surfacing technology, what we pursue is more stable and efficient operation of the roller press.This is a requirement for quality improvement.

In order to ensure the safe and stable work of the roller press, we often from the material pressure, material size and pressure to apply, that is:

(1) the feeding material should have a certain material pressure, so as to ensure the stable and continuous feeding of the material between rollers, forming a relatively dense material layer;

(2) the particle size of the feeding material shall meet the design requirements to form a relatively dense material layer, except the parts where single particle can be broken before the high-pressure material layer is crushed;

(3) grinding should have a large enough crushing force, but the crushing force value has different requirements for different materials and extrusion effect, and the best value should be determined through experiments.This is a summary of many years of practical experience.

In order to run the roller press more stably and efficiently, the following problems need to be solved:

First, the roller press improves the efficiency of its pressure zone through the reasonable matching of the ratio of diameter to width.

Second, develop a new type of baffle, strictly control the leakage of side baffle, strengthen the grinding efficiency of the boundary;

Third, optimize the feeding control device to improve the feeding control stability of the roller press;

Fourth, the development of new roll surface, improve shear shaping function, improve particle shaping function.

The first three points are to ensure that the roller press to achieve more stable extrusion work, the fourth point is to further improve the operation rate, promote the roller press final grinding cement technology development.The development of new roll surface, at present, there are domestic equipment suppliers have launched the nail roller, some owners of new projects clearly indicated to choose the nail roller, some enterprises are considering to choose in the transformation.I believe that good things should be matched by good prices.The worry is that winning the bid at a low price stifles the enthusiasm of equipment suppliers and kills the efficiency of enterprises themselves.

At present, a double feed device with lever type of roller press is widely used in the improvement of grinding system of roller press.The feeding device can realize the stability of the feeding control of the roller press. After application, the material of the roller press can form a stable restricted bed, and the extrusion work effect is good. Generally, the system output can be increased by 8%-10% and electricity saving by 3%-5%.

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