Do you know what parts are available for the ball mill?

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As a kind of grinding ball mill equipment, widely used in the processing of fluorite ore, limestone, iron ore, fly ash, gypsum, quartz, cement and other minerals, used in ore dressing process without ball mill, ball mill and classifier, crusher, magnetic separator, flotation machine, such as equipment of corresponding use, jointly promote the application of mineral aggregate grade.Ball mill accessories is an important part of the ball mill, so what are ball mill accessories?

1. Ball mill lining plate

Lining plate is an important wearing part of the ball mill, lining plate in the running process of the ball mill will be from the stone and the strong impact of the medium, therefore, to choose more wear, corrosion resistance, compressive strength of the lining plate.The ball mill is divided into two silos for grinding, one is equipped with corrugated lining board, two is equipped with flat lining board, corrugated lining board can promote the ore and steel ball, play a very good role in grinding, flat lining board can help shape dressing, ball mill Chen an generally choose high manganese steel material, strong compression ability, more durable.

ball mill

2. The steel ball

Steel ball is an important medium for grinding ore in the ball mill. Steel balls of different specifications are placed in the two bins of the ball mill respectively, which can produce more detailed grinding processing for ore materials.In the operation of the ball mill, the ball will have constantly impact of mineral aggregate, exfoliation mineral grinding, grinding after a long time, the use of steel ball can produce different levels of consumption, therefore in the process of subsequent use, need to regular inspection of steel ball, will wear serious steel ball pick up, put on the new ball, or it will affect the overall effect of grinding.

steel ball

3. The gear

Gear is the ball mill drive assembly accessories, ball mill drive parts including pinion, bearing seat, pin, pinion shaft, glue block, mobile half coupling and so on, the ball mill pinion is generally made of alloy steel, can greatly improve the pressure resistance and bending resistance of the gear, extend the service life.At present, the more advanced ball mill adopts the displacement gear, the use of precision gear transmission will not slip and fracture phenomenon, unique oil seal mute technology, compared to the traditional ball mill site, noise reduction 50%, the service life of the gear is extended more than 2 times.

ball mill

4. Warehouse board

Ball mill storehouse board insulation there are three main effect, one is the separation of grinding medium, isolation is given priority to with impact and give priority to with grinding effect of two kinds of grinding medium, the second is to avoid large particle materials run to the inlet, to enhance general grinding grade, three is to control the grinding material flow, so that it can prevent the large granular materials into the impact of weaker area, avoid inadequate velocity fast grinding, also can effectively control the ball mill grinding efficiency.

In addition, ball mill accessories also include coupling, screen plate, feeding device, discharging device, jiangsu LVSSN to provide you with more details of ball mill accessories, welcome online comments.

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