Discussion on the use of rod mill and technical improvement

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The grinding medium is a long round steel bar, which drives the movement by the cylinder body and works in the falling state. There is a lining plate in the cylinder body.Compared with other mills, the rotation speed and filling rate of grinding medium of the rod mill are relatively low, and the grain size of the ore should be limited, not too large, to prevent the large gap between steel rods, reduce the grinding effect, and prevent the steel rods from tilting and breaking.The ore is crushed and ground under the action of the line contact produced in the process of medium dropping. The bulk ore is first ground to fine. The small ore is easy to pass between the steel rods and is rarely impacted by the medium.

At present, our country generally only the production and use wet rod mill, contains the overflow, open mouth and the surrounding three categories, the overflow type most widely used, namely the center row ore type rod mill, multi-purpose in a open circuit grinding finely and coarse grinding, to process the minerals disseminated extent uneven or disseminated extent relatively coarse ore, if need to use the rod mill instead short head cone crusher, rod milling opportunities applied to finely, in daily production, rod mill coarse grinding is the most common, mineral processing, high production efficiency, especially suitable for use in brittle mineral processing, applied in the rare metal mine mineral separation is very much,But it is not usually used in mines of single precious metal.

The grinding operation is the most important operation link of the mill, the energy and cost consumed by the mill account for the vast majority of the energy and cost consumed by the mill, so it is very important to carry out the energy saving and consumption reduction work of the mill.As an important grinding equipment, the improvement of its performance and technology has become an important subject for technicians..

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