Details that are easily overlooked in the maintenance of cement plant equipment

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A cement production line has hundreds of equipment, the nature of cement production process determines the equipment to operate 24 hours, most of these equipment in high temperature, dust environment, how to make these equipment stable, efficient, low-cost operation is in front of the equipment managers and a topic.In business management, equipment maintenance is more difficult to do well than equipment maintenance, which is easier to reflect a company's management level.

The following equipment is easy to be neglected in equipment maintenance:

1 coupling

The coupling consists of two semi-couplings that connect the two shafts together to transmit motion and torque.Cement plant equipment used more coupling, various forms, each kind of coupling has the characteristics and scope of application.

Filter 2.

The filters used in cement plants are air filters, oil filters, pipe filters and so on.Air compressor, roots fan air inlet is an air filter, it filters the outside particulate matter, dust, suspended matter, moisture in the air.Oil filters are mostly used in oil stations, used to filter the impurities in the oil, oxide, abrasive, glue, etc., if the oil is not filtered, directly into the lubricating oil road, there will be a blockage of the nozzle, so that the lubrication site oil shortage and damage.

3 heat exchanger

Heat exchanger is heat exchange equipment, commonly used water cooling and wind cooling, cement plant used heat exchanger is used to reduce the temperature of the oil.Many equipment in cement plant are equipped with oil temperature alarm and shutdown Settings, so the maintenance of heat exchanger is also very important.Plate heat exchanger should be regular cleaning the dust on the radiator and attachments, shell and tube heat exchanger variation will open end cover to check if the heat transfer effect scale formation in the inner wall of pipe, will play cases need medication to clean, to ensure that the heat transfer and product electrical frequency conversion cabinet after the air cooling channel and heat sink to regular cleaning dust, otherwise the heat dissipation effect is not good lead to equipment can make the inverter overtemperature jump stop.

In the cement plant equipment management, many managers pay attention to maintenance, neglect some small, low value parts maintenance.The effect of these components is often ignored, these components are relatively low, easy to replace, time saving, but can play a good role in the good, long time running of the equipment, can be lower maintenance wood in exchange for greater operating benefits.

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