Daily maintenance of rod mill

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The technical indicators shall be started, operated, stopped and controlled in strict accordance with the operation procedures, and the records shall be made.

Tour inspection according to the specified route, content and time;

The "Equipment Lubrication Management System" shall be strictly implemented to supplement the lubricating oil as specified, and the lubricating oil shall be replaced when the oil quality is not in accordance with the requirements;

Check the oil pump and lubrication control system on time to keep the oil pressure within the prescribed range;

Check the bearing temperature on time and record it;

Check whether there is abnormal noise in each connecting part on time, find out the cause of abnormal in time, and deal with it.

There is no catharsis at the end of the equipment in and out of the material and the body of the equipment.

When it is out of use in winter, the cooling water should be discharged and antifreeze should be done well.

When the high pressure oil pump is shut down for a long time, the high pressure oil pump should be driven for four minutes at intervals. If you stop for a long time, you should pour out the steel bar and drive the car slowly every once in a while to avoid the deformation of the cylinder.

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