Daily maintenance of crusher

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In the daily operation of equipment, good operation habits and maintenance after operation can maximize the service life of crusher accessories.

1. When breaking materials

First, in the crushing of materials, according to the performance of the crusher to choose suitable material crushing.If the broken material texture is too soft or too hard, it will cause wear and tear on the parts of the crusher, especially in the sand and stone production line, the need to break the material is more miscellaneous, so it should pay attention to this problem, in the choice of crusher accessories, according to the characteristics of the material in detail.

2. Before materials are broken

Before the material crushing, it is necessary to screen the material simply to prevent the high content of fine powder in the material about to be broken.If there is too much fine powder in the material, the conveying speed will be affected in the crushing process, because the fine powder will stick to the conveyor belt, which will lead to the speed of material in and out and reduce the production efficiency. Therefore, simple screening can be carried out before crushing the material.

3. The viscosity of broken materials, crushing station temperature and other differences

If the need to meet the viscosity of crushing materials, crushing station temperature differences, so you need to choose different crusher equipment according to the specific situation.In mineral processing equipment, different crusher models are developed and produced according to different material characteristics, so according to the size of the water content of the material, the temperature difference of the material, the viscosity of the material to choose different crusher types can effectively reduce the wear degree of accessories, is also the key to improve the service life of the equipment.

4. Crusher equipment selection

In the choice of crusher equipment, not only look at the overall performance of the machine, how to maintain mobile broken appearance, price, etc., the most important is to see the quality of each part of the equipment.Choose a good crusher, to choose high quality, high wear resistance accessories, so as to play the maximum utilization rate of crusher.

5. After the material is broken

After the material is broken, the particle size of the finished product will also affect the service life of the crusher.When the material requirements of the crushing particle size is finer, then the greater the wear of the crusher accessories, because the material particle size is finer, it means that the number of friction between the material and accessories, so the greater the wear, which is also the key to affect the service life of the crusher!

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