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At present, a lot of clinker crusher hammer crusher, its mainly by high-speed rotating hammer impact will clinker crushing, large vibration in the operation of the hammer broken, power consumption is high, the hammer head wear, uneven clinker granularity, the maintenance cost is high, the volatility of conditions adaptability is bad, especially when wait in kiln aniseed ball easily jammed downtime issues has been the major problem affect normal operation of the cement plant.

Roll crusher is a new kind of clinker crusher in recent years, the most commonly used, it effectively solves the problem of hammer crusher, the roller speed, low wear, long working life, small vibration, crushing granularity wait, broken aniseed don't have to stop the kiln, power consumption, automatic overload reverse protection, easy to maintain, high rates of operation, and type of roller broken can improve the efficiency of heat recovery advantages will become the new trend of clinker crushing.

Comparison of performance between roller crusher and hammer crusher


1. Comparison of technical parameters (take 5000t/d as an example)

Hammer crusher, size 3900, power 110KW, working speed (r/min) 320;

Roller crusher, specification 3600, power 4X15KW, working speed (r/min) 4, equipment weight (t) 42;


2. Performance comparison

The hammer head replacement cycle of the hammer crusher is 6 months, the replacement cycle of the broken and deleted strip is 10 months, including the wear replacement cycle of lining board, chain curtain, etc.

The roller sleeve of roller crusher can run for 3 years before it needs to be surfacing. During this period, it does not need any repair and maintenance. Its service life is more than 5 times that of hammer head.

The grain size of the hammered material is ≤26.5mm, accounting for 72.77%, and the grain size of the material will be larger and larger in the service cycle.

The grain size of the roller breaking material is ≤26.5mm, accounting for 88.87%, and the grain size of the roll breaking material remains basically unchanged within the service period, providing favorable conditions for the subsequent grinding of clinker.

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