Cement plant these places need dust removal equipment

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Cement plant needs dust removal equipment in the following places:

1. Material transportation:

Material transportation should use conveying equipment with good sealing performance, such as bucket elevator, screw conveyor, etc.

2. Material storage:

Each powder storage (storage) should be equipped with a simple dust filter bag or a bag filter at the top pressure relief port. The raw material and clinker should be installed with the dust hood at the bottom of the bottom of the stock, and the bag dust collector or high-voltage electrostatic precipitator should be used for purification.

3. Crushing:

the primary hammer crusher is adopted to replace the traditional secondary crushing to reduce the dust producing point.The inlet and outlet of the crusher shall adopt a closed device to reduce dust flying in and out of the inleJaw crusher outlet should be equipped with suction cover along with the conveying equipment.

4. Calcining:

the stability of the thermal system is the basis of doing a good job of dust removal.Its smoke can be according to the specific situation of the enterprise, the bag dust removal, electric dust removal and so on.The stability of the heating system of vertical kiln is the basis of dust removal.Its smoke can be according to the specific situation of the enterprise, adopt bag dust removal, electric dust removal and other dust removal measures.

5. Grinding:

dry production of cement, grinding production should use drying grinding.Simplify the process and reduce dust production.The dust removal of coal mill should adopt electric dust remover or bag dust remover which should have anti-explosion measures.The feeding device before grinding should be airtight and dustproof.The discharge port of the grinding tail and the ash outlet of the dust collector must be equipped with a lock air device.

6. Drying:

rotary dryer dust removal, can choose the first or second dust removal according to the situation.When the first level of dust removal, the electric dust collector or bag dust collector can be used.Secondary dust and cyclone dust collector.


bag filter is generally used for the dust removal of the packaging machine. The dust removal suction outlet in the packaging operation area should be set to ensure that the operator is in the upwind of the dust source and has a certain negative pressure.The transfer point of finished cement conveyor belt should be as smooth and smooth as possible.Handling process should be put an end to illegal operation, control the rate of packaging damage.

Reasonable dust removal in factories can greatly improve the impact on the environment.

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