Cement factories use conveyor belts to save money

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Cement factory conveyor belt in use after a period of time will appear a variety of problems, learn these a few tricks can make your cement factory more economical increase efficiency.

1. The conveyor belt will become longer after being used for a period of time

In the process of use, the conveyor belt will extend. One part is elastic elongation, which can be restored to its original state after the external force is withdrawn; the other part is the elongation of the system contraction of skeleton material, which cannot be restored.Commonly used fabric core conveyor belt, EP conveyor belt elongation is small, and NN conveyor belt elongation is large, and in the process of using, the creep of NN conveyor belt, the nylon fibers is larger, therefore in the process of using, elongation ratio increase, and because of the fiber creep, so after outside force to cancel, I can go back to the amount of shrinkage that is much smaller than the elongation.

2. The conveyor belt runs off


The main reasons for the conveyor belt running off-track are as follows:

(1) in the weaving process tension caused by uneven side loose side tight.

(2) the thickness of the two sides are different to both thick and thin.

(3) flame retardant belt production process tension.


3, the correct use of conveyor belt:

(1) prevent conveyor load start.

(2) conveyor belt deviation, should be promptly taken measures to correct.

(3) different types, specifications layer conveyor belt is not suitable for use together, its joints had better use glue.

(4) ordinary conveyor belt and special conveyor belt type, structure, specifications, layers should be reasonable choice according to the use conditions.

(5) the conveyor belt generally should not be more than 2.5m/s running speed, lumpiness, wear large materials and the use of fixed pear unloading device should be used as low speed as possible.

(6) The relation between the diameter of the driving drum of the roller conveyor and the cloth layer of the conveyor belt, the driving drum, the matching of the reversing drum and the requirements for the roller groove Angle should be reasonably selected according to the design provisions of the conveyor.

(7) feed direction should follow the direction of the conveyor belt, in order to reduce the impact of materials falling on the conveyor belt should be chute, reduce the material drop distance;In the material receiving section of the conveyor belt, the distance between idlers should be shortened and the buffer idlers should be used as leakage materials. The conveyor belt should adopt a soft and moderate material baffle to prevent the baffle plate from being too hard and scraping the surface of the conveyor belt.

(8)Today conveyor in use, if there is a lack of idlers, should be timely added and fixed;The idlers are covered by materials, resulting in ineffective rotation, preventing the leakage of materials from getting stuck between the drum and the rubber belt. Pay attention to the lubrication of the moving part of the conveyor belt, but do not grease the conveyor belt.

(9) avoid the blocking of the conveyor belt by rack, prop or block material, prevent the damage and tear, find the local damage of the conveyor belt, the application of artificial cotton timely repair, so as not to expand.


4, how to choose conveyor belt:

(1) accurately describe the specific material name, nature.Especially particle size, temperature, can have acid, alkali and other corrosive and special requirements.Such as the use of temperature to be explained.

(2) Specification (width, length, number of layers, thickness, etc.), especially the temperature and volume of heat-resistant conveyor belt.

5. How to transport and store conveyor belts

(1) conveyor belt in transport and storage, should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain or snow immersion, prevent and acid, alkali, oil, organic solvents and other substances contact, and away from the heating device one meter.

(2) the warehouse temperature should be maintained between 18-40℃ and the relative humidity between 50-80% when the conveyor belt is stored.

(3) the conveyor belt storage period, the product must be rolled up for placement, not folding, should turn the conveyor belt every quarter.

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