Causes of jaw plate damage of jaw crusher and maintenance methods

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The jaw plate is the core of the jaw crusher working directly with the material contact.In the crushing material, crushing teeth by the material's extrusion, grinding, impact, bear a huge load, the direct result is that the jaw plate is easy to wear.After the crushing teeth wear out, the power consumption of the crushing station will increase. In serious cases, the equipment will be shut down. Frequent replacement of jaw plate will also affect the benefits.Therefore, we must learn the causes of jaw damage and maintenance methods of jaw crusher.

1. Causes of jaw wear and maintenance methods

The main reason of jaw plate wear of jaw crusher is that the material moves relative to the jaw plate in short distance, the cutting metal causes abrasive chips, and the jaw plate repeatedly squeezes the material to cause the jaw plate material to deform for many times, resulting in fatigue chip and wear of the metal material.

Jaw crusher jaw plate

1.1 causes of jaw wear

(1) when the machine is running, the material enters the crushing chamber, and the movable jaw is driven by the eccentric shaft to be close to the movable jaw. The two jaws slide with the material relatively short distance, and the material cuts the jaw to form abrasive chips.

(2) moving jaw plate and fixed jaw plate are sometimes close to, sometimes away from, the material is repeatedly squeezed to chisel the two jaw plates, and micro-cracks are formed on the surface of the jaw plate, or at the root of the protruding part of the extrusion metal, and the micro-cracks are continuously extended to connect, causing the metal material on the surface of the jaw plate to fall off and form abrasive chips.

(3) the metal material of the jaw plate is locally fractured or raised due to long-term repeated extrusion of the material by the two jaw plates, and the broken or raised part falls off with the material hit by extrusion, forming abrasive debris.


1.2 maintenance method of jaw wear

(1) the material selection of jaw crusher should be high toughness, friction resistance and extrusion resistance of high-performance materials;

(2) the jaw crusher avoids other hard debris entering the crushing chamber during feeding, and cleans the crushing chamber timely after each use.

(3) the machine must be operated in accordance with the specified operation time during use, and the machine cannot be operated continuously for a long time without rest.

Jaw crusher jaw plate

2. Causes of jaw fracture and maintenance methods


2.1 causes of jaw fracture

(1) the casting process of the jaw plate is not perfect, and there are some serious defects such as intensive porosity inside.

(2) the movable jaw moves in the frame, and one end of the bottom of the frame hits the edge guard plate.

(3) the tension of the pull rod spring fails to be replaced in time.

(4) the discharge port is smaller than the specified range, the feeding position is wrong, and the Angle of the feeding hopper is too steep to make the material directly hit the moving jaw head.

(5) the equipment USES unqualified bracket and bracket pad, so that when the jaw crusher is subjected to strong impact, the bracket does not have self-breaking protection.

Jaw crusher jaw plate

2.2 maintenance method of jaw fracture

The internal structure of the two jaw plates is tight due to the excellent casting process.Adjust the size of the feeding port according to the specifications and parameters, continuously and evenly feed the material, and ensure the feeding position in the middle;Replace the rod spring, bracket, bracket pad and other damaged accessories, adjust the Angle of the hopper.

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