Cause of wet bottom of humidifier tower

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Humidifying tower plays an important role in the process of cement plant, the main role is to humidify the exhaust gas of dry kiln tail, protect the environment, recycle dust, reduce material consumption.

Reasons for wet bottom of dryer humidifier tower:


1. Small size.

The small size is due to the improper design and selection of the original dryer, or the increase of the smoke volume after the transformation of the dryer to increase production, the treatment capacity of the original humidifier is not enough.The dimensions of the humidifier tower are expressed in terms of diameter and effective height.If the amount of smoke is increased, but the size of the tower is not correspondingly increased, the wind speed in the tower is bound to exceed the original design value, so that the water sprayed into the tower stays in the tower for a shorter time, resulting in water droplets to the bottom of the tower is not completely evaporated and caused by the wet bottom.

2, tower wall heat dissipation.

Although the outside wall of humidifying tower is equipped with insulation layer, its thickness is not enough to make the tower body become a complete adiabatic body, there will always be some heat through the tower wall and loss, especially in the cold season temperature is larger, heat dissipation will be more, this tower smoke sensible heat is not completely used for the evaporation of water injection.At this time, the quantity of spraying water does not meet the requirement of design, so the moisture content of flue gas cannot meet the best performance requirement of electric receiver.

3. Air leakage in the system.

There is inevitable air leakage in the humidifying tower system. The cold air that leaks in mixes with the flue gas, which reduces the temperature of the flue gas. The sensible heat of the flue gas cannot be used for the evaporation of water.Depends on the part of the air leakage the influence of air leakage, ash discharge device, in particular, such as screw conveyor and the flap valve, some as regards inferior quality of manufacture and installation, untight seal leakage into the biggest influence of wet end of the cold wind, even if sometimes water quantity not reach requirement, due to the bottom air leakage, can also cause wet bottom, serious when even make humidifying tower can't run and ash discharge difficult.

4. Water spraying quantity is not automatically controlled.

The control of spraying quantity is to ensure that when the flue gas or the temperature of the flue gas changes, the amount of water injected can make the temperature of the flue gas drop down to the setting of the outlet of the tower, and make the diameter of the spray droplets always remain within the required range, can be completely vaporized, and the bottom of the tower remains dry.Due to thermal power temperature measurement lag, backflow valve performance is not good and raw material grinding when the start and stop, smoke volume ups and downs, and stop some of the end of the tower to achieve complete automation, water spraying control is semi-automatic or rely on manual control, therefore, not enough water spraying, or water spraying excessive and cause wet bottom.

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