Ball mill feed port, outlet port, end cover easy wear how to do?

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1. Working principle of ball mill

Ball mill is the key equipment to crush the material after it is broken.It is widely used in cement, mineral processing, power generation, silicate products, refractory materials, fertilizer, and glass ceramics and other production industries.

Ball mill at work, through the motor and gear reducer pass torque to the size of the ball mill, so that the ball mill cylinder rotation, due to the rotation of the ball mill cylinder and the cylinder liner to take part of steel ball grinding media (or other) rises to a certain height, the impact on free falling movement, the impact of cylinder body materials, the rest of the steel ball to xie falling movement creates friction and material mix of the rotating cylinder with constant collisions with material and grinding.The ground material is discharged through the hollow shaft neck.
During the operation of the ball mill, due to the input and output of materials, the inlet and outlet and the end cover are easily worn parts.So the ball mill feed in and out of the mouth and end cover wear how to deal with it?

1. Repair steps.

(1) surface treatment

1. Clean the ball mill inlet and outlet and end cover.

2. Use the same material as the equipment base material to repair and weld the parts with serious wear and tear.

3. Degreasing and dehumidification treatment: adjust the flame to 10CM long with oxyacetylene and at the speed of 5cm/min, so that the flame can bake the workpiece surface evenly and repeatedly and remove grease and moisture on the workpiece surface.

4 sandblasting rust removal: remove the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece, visual inspection, sandblasting surface can see uniform metal color.Sand-blasted workpiece is not allowed to use grease gloves to directly contact sand-blasted surface, sand-blasted after the workpiece should pay attention to moisture.Cover and protect the parts that don't need to be treated.

(2). Selection of wear-resistant and anticorrosive materials:

1. The XK - C - 12

2. The XK - C - 14

XK series wear resistant material is a two-component, metal carbide as the bone composite material, wear resistance as medium carbon steel 1-3 times, high compressive strength, impact resistance.Used for repairing flow parts with particle size below 3mm and preparing for large area.

3. Sizing:

1. Preheat the sandblasted equipment first, then mix and stir components A and B of the special repair materials for xk-c-12 equipment in A proportion (weight) of 38:1, and apply the mixed repair materials to the worn parts of the blades with A batch knife or plastic scraper, and apply them in one direction, and compaction at the same time;Uniform thickness.Use a scraper to repair the surface of the coated material;

2. Heating and curing: the workpiece after construction stays for 30 minutes for heating and curing, 100℃ for 1 hour.

(4) Grinding acceptance:

1. Grinding: grind the equipment after heating and curing to the standard size of the equipment.

2. Acceptance: the supporting equipment shall be assembled to ensure normal operation. The sealing matching surface shall be qualified in the test.

(5) matters needing attention:

1. Mix and stir evenly in strict accordance with the proportion of repair materials for XK equipment.The uneven mixing will result in local abrasion resistance.

2. Cure naturally for 24 hours at room temperature of 30°, and the curing time can be extended under different conditions.

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