Application of jaw, gyre and cone crusher

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We are using crusher in production, according to different occasions to use different crusher, this paper introduces the jaw crusher, rotary crusher, cone crusher application occasions.

The ore treated by metal mine concentrator is usually hard or medium hard ore, suitable for jaw crusher or rotary crusher.


1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is widely used in large, medium and small concentrators.The main advantages of jaw crusher are: simple structure, light weight, low price, easy maintenance and transportation, small appearance height, the need for small plant height;In terms of technology, its work is reliable, it is convenient to adjust ore discharge port, and it is not easy to block when crushing wet ore and ore containing more clay.The main disadvantages are: liner easy wear, processing capacity than the rotary crusher low, product granularity is not uniform and more large blocks, and the requirements of uniform to mine, need to set up to mine equipment.

2. Rotary crusher

Rotary crusher is a kind of equipment with high crushing capacity, which is mainly used in large and medium-sized concentrators.Compared with jaw crusher, the main advantages are: large processing capacity, in the same feeding and discharging port width, processing capacity is 2.5-3.0 times of jaw crusher;Low power consumption;Uniform wear and particle size of the lining board of the broken chamber;Gyratory crushers with specifications above 900 mm can be packed with ore feeding equipment.The main disadvantages are: the equipment structure is more complex, the equipment weight is large, the request has the solid foundation, the body is high, needs the higher workshop.

The domestic rotary crusher has the ordinary type and the light type, the light type only applies to the crushing limestone ore and so on the hardness is not high, the density is not big ore generally.In addition, there are two suitable for the use of jaw crusher and rotary crusher under special conditions.One is a crusher which can be disassembled and hoisted. It is suitable for crushing operations in underground mines.The other is semi-fixed or mobile crusher, which is suitable for the rock or ore crushing operation in the open pit at regular or irregular moving position.

Rotary crusher

3. Jaw crusher and rotary crusher comparison

For large and medium-sized concentrators, before determining the use of jaw crusher or rotary crusher, generally from the total weight of equipment, installation power, infrastructure investment, operating costs, equipment configuration and process operation advantages and disadvantages of the technical and economic comparison, choose the best.

At present, the largest jaw crusher manufactured in China and used in production is 1500mm×2100mm, and the largest rotary crusher is 1400mm/220mm.Foreign rotary crusher technology, the maximum specification is 1829mm.Many foreign manufacturers produce jaw crushers and rotary crushers, their structural parameters and technical performance are not the same, should be selected according to the manufacturer's data and actual production data.


4. Cone crusher

The medium and fine crushing equipment for crushing hard ore and medium hard ore is generally selected cone crusher: medium crushing is selected standard type;Fine choose short head type;Medium - sized cone crusher can be used in the second stage of small and medium-sized concentrator.In order to match the capacity of small coarse jaw crusher, double pendulum fine jaw crusher can be selected.Brittle ore can be selected roll or impact or hammer crusher.

Cone crusher is widely used in concentrator because of its reliable production, large crushing force and large handling capacity.Cone crusher has spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher two categories.Compared with spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher is easy to realize over-iron protection and automatic adjustment, and its weight and shape size are small, but the manufacturing and maintenance of hydraulic and moving cone supporting structure are complex.Because the two crushers have their own characteristics, they are widely used and developed at home and abroad.

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