Analysis of reducing consumption and increasing efficiency of cement making machine motor

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At present, the competition of cement industry is very fierce, but the key is the competition of manufacturing cost, and electric motor power consumption accounts for 30% of the cost, so it is very important to do a good job of motor consumption reduction and efficiency.Therefore, we should start from the speed regulation mode, motor selection, starting device and other aspects of each link to carry out detailed work, at the same time to vigorously apply new technology and new results, to promote energy saving and consumption of enterprises.

1. Frequency conversion, speed regulation and energy saving


1.1 variable frequency speed regulation of fans and water pumps to save energy

Most of the cement plant some equipment, especially some high-power equipment in the production process most of the time is dissatisfied with the load, in the production process is through the adjustment of the wind shield plate or valve opening Angle of mechanical regulation method to meet different with wind (water) amount, obviously fan, pump class needed power increased.This kind of control mode is simple, but the power consumption is large, which is not conducive to energy conservation.If frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, that is, when the speed of fan water pump decreases by 10%, the motor power consumption decreases by 27.1%. Therefore, the energy saving effect of fan water pump adopting frequency conversion speed regulation is very obvious.

1.2 replace traditional speed regulation with frequency conversion speed regulation

The traditional thyristor cascade speed regulation, dc speed regulation, electromagnetic slip speed regulation, hydraulic coupler speed regulation and asynchronous motor variable speed regulation have low transmission efficiency, difficult to maintain and other shortcomings, but frequency conversion speed regulation structure is simple, stable and reliable, high speed accuracy, large starting torque, wide range of speed regulation.So the use of frequency conversion speed regulation in improving the mechanical transmission efficiency can save 20% or so.

1.3 frequency conversion is applied in air compressor

Air compressor constant pressure supply USES frequency converter and pressure control to form a closed-loop control system, reducing pressure fluctuation by 1.5%, reducing noise and vibration.Ensure the long-term stable operation of equipment, thereby reducing the workload of equipment maintenance and extending the service life of equipment.After using frequency converter, the air compressor can be started at any pressure, breaking the previous rule that starting with voltage is not allowed, and the starting current is greatly reduced than before.Through the example of using frequency converter, the power saving rate of most compressors is about 20%.

The practice shows that the frequency conversion transformation has significant power saving effect and is an ideal speed control mode.It not only improves the equipment efficiency, but also meets the production process requirements, and greatly reduces the equipment maintenance, maintenance costs, in addition, when using frequency conversion speed regulation, because the dc reactor in the frequency conversion device can very well improve the power factor, also can save capacity for the grid.Direct and indirect economic benefits are obvious.

electric motor

2. Power factor compensation of the motor

Cage motors usually adopt the method of local compensation of shunt capacitor.Winding motor can adopt the method of camera compensation.There are two types of input camera compensation: rotary input camera and static input camera. Due to the defects in the structure of rotary input camera, it is gradually replaced by static input camera.

(1) reasonable selection of motor type

(2) reasonably select the rated capacity of the motor


3. Cement powder sorting system

The working principle of cement powder selecting system is to adjust the rotation speed of powder selecting machine and fan according to the different labels of cement produced, so as to select cement products with different fineness.The quantity and Angle of fan blade on fan shaft should be adjusted by the old type powder separator.The new powder selecting system is divided into two parts: powder selecting machine and powder selecting fan.These two kinds of systems have the disadvantages of complicated operation technology, poor adjustment accuracy and serious waste of electric energy. Especially, the sliding machine not only consumes electricity, but also has a very high skull expansion rate due to the serious dust in the cement manufacturing environment, making it difficult to maintain.After frequency conversion transformation, no matter it is the old system or the new system, as long as the motor is adjusted to a specific speed can select the required fine degree of particles, while saving electrical energy also achieve continuous, automatic production, both improve labor efficiency, and reduce labor intensity, comprehensive benefit is obvious.

4. Discharging system of vertical kiln

To make cement sintering for wind, in the process of charging and discharging three balance, adopted widely slip motor shaft kiln (electromagnetic speed regulating motor) as a plate tower discharging device of the power, the motor protection grade not only can't satisfy the need of the scene of the cement production environment, and under the condition of same output rotational speed of the consumption of power is about twenty percent higher than the series motor, far more in lower speed, thus instead of slip frequency control of motor speed system control, to solve the above shortcomings, and speed control performance is far higher than the slip speed governing motor, the power saving the maintenance cost is greatly reduced at the same time, widely used in various fields.

The application of frequency converter to control the motor that can adjust the speed can not only save a lot of electric energy, but also have soft start function, reduce the starting current and running current of the motor, reduce the load intensity of the whole power system and mechanical system when starting and working, and extend the service life of the mechanical parts.In addition, the frequency conversion transformation of the slip motor improves the protection level of the motor and reduces the motor failure rate caused by bad environment.


5. To summarize

Frequency converter in cement factory application is more than these, such as rotary kiln ball mill, discharge round, plate feeder, double tube reamer skirt, plate feeder speed belt feeding, coal reamer, grate machine and other all need to ac speed regulating equipment can use frequency conversion governor.

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