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The wave of the fourth industrial revolution has been raised, the voice of 5G era is getting louder and louder, and the era of industrial Internet of things is about to be fully opened.Moreover, it will surely lay the foundation for industry 4.0, which is themed by intelligent factory, intelligent transportation and intelligent logistics. Intelligent factory is eager to try.Not to be outdone, the cement industry is building its own smart factories.

1. What is an intelligent factory?

Intelligence should have at least the ability: one is to have the ability to perceive;Second, have memory and thinking ability;;Third, have the ability of learning and self-adaptation;Fourth, has the behavior decision-making ability.

The so-called intelligent manufacturing, not only is the production of automation, intelligent, accurate, automation, robot, unmanned is not equal to intelligent!It is applied to machine vision, radio frequency identification and sensors at the data layer, Internet of things, big data and cloud computing at the network layer, and intelligent equipment, robots and 3D printing at the executive layer. Finally, the overall plan of intelligent factory is formed, and its products must also be intelligent.

According to the ministry of the intelligent manufacturing development planning (2016-2020), the definition of a "smart" made: "smart factory covers: intelligent equipment integration, computer aided tools, production management, supply and marketing system, through the large data, the Internet of things, cloud computing to realize intelligent control, and fuck each other produce intelligent products, achieve production resources, equipment operation, process flow, business flow, capital flow and dynamic coordination configuration, general structure of intelligent factory.

The so-called intelligent equipment belongs to the intelligent products of upstream equipment manufacturers.For the key parameters of its own key parts, such as oil products, oil, water, displacement, temperature, vibration, etc., it has the functions of perception, analysis, reasoning, decision-making, control, and external transmission, which can be easily connected to the integrated system of intelligent factory, and facilitate the operation, management and maintenance of intelligent factory.

Intelligent cement factory

2. Intelligent factory has the following features:

Manufacturers get customized products through the Internet of things, which connects raw materials with production equipment. According to the characteristics of users' preferences, they can make customized products of multiple varieties, small batches and differentiation at the right time, and then send them to users through the intelligent logistics system.

Moreover, its products must also be intelligent, which can collect user information and send it to the production factory through the Internet of things, so as to facilitate the production factory to provide after-sales service and optimize and improve, and further obtain added value.

Moreover, the production equipment is also intelligent, which can reflect its own situation by uploading data in real time through the Internet of things, so as to facilitate the adjustment of tasks and maintenance of the production plant, as well as the optimization and improvement of the original equipment manufacturer and after-sales service.


3. Construction of intelligent cement plant

Such high production efficiency, the first is to have a reliable equipment operation, the second is to have a high degree of automation and intelligent.Highly intelligent, cannot leave big data.

The construction of intelligent cement plant is a huge project, which is still in the initial stage, and the control principle still needs to be broken through, especially the big data needs to be accumulated gradually.Accordingly, be about to build the intelligent cement factory on strict sense not necessarily, might as well start construction first intelligent cement factory.Set the goal too high, can only miss the opportunity to develop!

Equipment, technology, monitoring, measurement, program control, visual, statistics, analysis, file, material, and so on, these basic things, not only is the intelligent cement factory must, to improve the existing enterprise's operation level is also fruitful.If these conditions do not have, in the construction of real intelligent cement factory before, might as well give perfect improvement in these aspects, this is intelligent cement factory.

The construction of intelligent cement factory cannot be completed in one step, especially the big data needs to be accumulated gradually, and others cannot replace you. The construction of intelligent factory is always completed in the gradual optimization.

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