• Waste heat generation

    Capacity: 300 t/d-8000 t/d



    Equipment:generator set


    Jiangsu Lvssn is the pioneer in the field of waste heat recovery power station. Our experts team not only has long history experience but also consistently absorbed the latest results in the world. Nowadays Jiangsu Lvssn use our own world-class technology to operate many EPC EMC(Energy Management Contract) and BOT(Build-Operation-Transfer) projects.


    Low-temperature waste heat recovery technology is now mature to used in new dry type clinker production line. It uses heat recovery boiler to recovery the heat from kiln head and kiln end’s low quality outlet gas to generate steam to drive turbine, therefore to transfer the thermal energy to mechanic energy for the eventually electric power. Waste heat recovery power station not only save energy consumption but also protect environment in some extents.
    Jiangsu Lvssn’s Passion in waste heat recovery technology
    1. Dedicated in low-temperature waste heat recovery system’s research, development and applications.
    2. Dedicated in the integration of cement clinker burning process and waste heat recovery technology to seek lower energy consumption,to save owner’s investment and to increase economical efficiency of their investment.
    3. Jiangsu Lvssn works on waste heat recovery unit project in cement kiln’s modification project,new built cement production line project. We provide EPC construction, project design, technical consults, completed equipment, equipment biding, construction, erection and other necessary services.Provide commissioning and operational management service for electrical power station. Jiangsu Lvssn is able to be responsible for contract operation for independent commissioning and operation if have such requires.
    4. Waste heat recovery system equipment’s manufactures and supply services.Jiangsu Lvssn can operate waste heat recovery systems in the industries of cement, steel, gold, glass. Jiangsu Lvssn is also actively involved in other clean energy projects’ investment and operational managements.Operate international waste heat recovery system projects.


    Introduction to low-temperature Waste Heat Recovery Technology

    Thermal Power System Selection is based on the followed principles 1.Kiln head and kiln end exhaust air parameter 2.Current site conditions 3.Plant’s heat consumption 4.Use waste heat on the premise that no innervation toward cement production 5.Rational use different qualities of the waste heat 6.Our mature and reliable process and equipment has avoided many possible problems which other companies’ projects have occurred.


    Three thermodynamic system

    1.Mono-pressure system: kiln head heat recovery boiler and kiln end boiler generate similar stream(relatively low pressure and temperature). Mix the two streams then enter into steam turbine. 2.Flashed steam system: The system uses supplementary steam turbine. Kiln head heat recovery boiler generates main stream and high temperature water. Then reduce the pressures of high temperature hot water to generate secondary stream to supply into turbine. 3.Double pressure system: It uses supplementary steam turbine. The heat recovery boiler generates two types of overheated streams in different pressures. The high pressure stream is the main stream while the low pressure stream is used for supplement. Kiln head waste heat recovery boiler will withdraw air from one or more location in the clinker grate cooler or from grate cooler’s recycled air.


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