Optimize the material resistance of rotary kiln to realize energy saving and consumption reduction

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Domestic lime kiln masonry, mainly to shape fire brick masonry, and divided into longitudinal masonry and transverse masonry.In the process of production, the fire brick in the kiln moves longituinally and laterally, and the gas channeling between the brick joints causes the temperature of kiln skin to rise.Refractories must not only be subjected to thermal shock, erosion and wear of kiln gas and materials, but also bear stresses such as squeezing between each other and shell during vibration and rotation.

1. Optimize the resistant material


(1) high temperature period

High temperature period, using the composite precast bricks and steel fiber reinforced castable composite masonry. The composite precast bricks used by wear-resisting layer and insulating layer composite precast low temperature bake, selected materials mainly consider the material's thermal shock resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature strength and so on various aspects, of various materials by the scientific and reasonable proportion, in order to achieve the kiln all aspects of the conditions of use and the best service life;The light insulation layer is composed of light aluminum silicate fiber and light composite material, which not only reduces the heat loss in the kiln, but also protects the kiln body from deformation caused by excessive high temperature of the kiln or excessive weight of refractory material.In addition, the production of this prefabricated brick, choose high quality and high-grade materials, as admixture or compound admixture, and add a certain proportion of heat resistant steel fiber, enhance its anti-spalling performance and wear resistance in the process of use, and give consideration to the prefabricated brick high temperature strength and material impurities and alkali gas erosion and other factors.

(2) low temperatures

Low temperature section, in order to make the kiln body resistant material to achieve the best cost performance, high temperature section resistant material and low temperature section life synchronization, low temperature section resistant material using steel fiber high aluminum and low cement composite prefabricated brick and steel fiber high aluminum and low cement castable composite masonry.The composite prefabricated brick is made of wear-resisting layer and insulation layer by baking at low temperature.The wear-resisting layer of this section mainly chooses high quality high aluminum material and wear-resisting material, and adds a certain proportion of heat resistant steel fiber, its wear-resisting and heat shock resistance performance can not only meet the requirements of the temperature section, and the price is cheaper than the high temperature section material, reducing the overall cost of the rotary kiln resistant material.


Using this kind of high temperature resistant material, its remarkable effect of energy saving and consumption reduction and production operation stability.The rotary kiln after use has the following major advantages:

1. Lower kiln skin temperature by more than 100℃;

2. Save more than 10% of fuel costs;

3, completely put an end to the lottery out of the brick problem;

4. The weight of the rotary kiln can be reduced by 5-8%, saving 10% electricity;

5. Improved the continuous operation rate of equipment.In practical production and application, continuous operation for half a year can save the cost of the whole kiln.

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