Treatment measures for poor lubrication of single hammer crusher

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Single hammer crusher lubrication, including improper selection of lubricants, grease filling or improper oil level, oil (grease) deterioration or lack of oil (grease).

1, single forging hammer crusher on the choice of lubricants and lubrication method is not reasonable according to the bearing operating temperature, the speed index, load characteristics, factors such as lubrication method using rolling bearing lubricants, lubricants, improper selection, viscosity too low or too high, difficult to form the oil film, can make the bearing in the operation of the heat can't take away, cause bearing heating.

2, the amount of oil (fat) improper oil (fat) too little or too much, will be due to lack of oil or too much stirring oil, causing heat.

3. Failure to change the oil on time, deterioration of the oil and impurities such as iron filings in the oil lead to deterioration of the lubrication condition.

4. Due to the leakage of bearing housing and other reasons, the bearing is short of oil and becomes hot and fails.Because the single forging hammer crusher belongs to the heavy load equipment, there are some errors in the choice of lubricant, there is a tendency to blindly pursue high viscosity.For example, A TLPC20.22 type A single-section hammer crusher, rotor bearing for SKF24168CABCK30 / W33 + AOH24168H, rules of ϕ * ϕ 580 mm * 320 mm, 243 mm, shaft bearing with oil bath lubrication.One of the reasons for the high temperature of the bearing is poor lubrication.The oil viscosity is too large, the original use of N120 lubricating oil, change with N220 medium load extreme pressure gear oil, temperature rise, and change with higher viscosity N320, temperature rise higher.High viscosity will not only increase the internal friction between the molecules in the lubricating oil, but also increase the friction with the metal, resulting in excessive heat.And the amount of oil is too much, the height of the oil amount on the oil mark is 170mm, stirring heat generation.Finally use low viscosity N68 extreme pressure gear oil.

As for the single forging hammer crusher filling capacity or the choice of oil level, for immersion lubrication, oil level should be in the middle of the red line on the oil mark, and the height of the oil surface of the rolling bearing is not allowed to exceed the center of the bottom roller;For the concentrated supply of thin oil, pay attention to the oil supply pressure;For grease lubrication, the amount of grease should be 1/3~1/2 of the inner chamber volume of the bearing seat.

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