Analysis on application of hammer crusher in new dry cement production

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Grate cooler is one of the key equipments in new dry cement production.Different production lines use different types of clinker crusher, such as hammer crusher, roller crusher and so on.This paper mainly summarizes the problems and solutions in the production process of hammer crusher.

In production, the main problem of hammer crusher is that shell and rotor sealing device is easy to damage, leading to leakage, bearing heat, hammer crusher body vibration.


1. The shell and rotor seal of hammer crusher are vulnerable to damage

Crusher shell and rotor seal is gland packing sealing device, packing with graphite packing, easy to wear.

The reasons are twofold:

(1) small clinker particles enter into the seal, causing graphite packing root wear and loss of sealing property;

(2) due to the graphite winding coil number is too few, poor resilience, less oil storage.If the lubrication is bad or too tight pressure on the graphite disc will make the oil film interruption, causing dry friction between the graphite disc and the rotor, leading to loss of sealing graphite disc damage.



The original gland packing sealing device is transformed into axial labyrinth sealing device during maintenance to strengthen the sealing effect, improve the service life of the sealing device and completely solve the problem of shell leakage of crusher.

hammer crusher

2. Rotor vibration of hammer crusher

The hammerhead was broken due to poor casting quality.Improper design of hammer shaft causes easy fracture of hammer shaft and causes the hammer head to fall off.The shaft sleeve positioning bolt on the hammer shaft is easy to shear, leading to the outward movement of the hammer shaft and causing the hammer head to fall off.These factors caused the rotor vibration, which has a great impact on maintaining the balance of the hammer crusher rotor.


to the crusher hammer shaft transformation, no drilling in the middle of the hammer shaft, instead of optical shaft, in the hammer shaft at both ends of baffle.In order to further reduce the impact load of axial movement borne by the baffles at both ends of the hammer shaft and prevent the occurrence of axial movement of the hammer shaft, the welded baffle on the hammer disc can prevent the accident of the hammer head falling off due to the displacement of the hammer shaft.

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