Adjustment and attention of roller crusher

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After the installation of the machine, the roller crusher must be tested before it is put into production.

1. Equipment installation, debugging and operation


(1) air dynamic rotation test:

Roller crusher in the use of the site, must carry out no less than 2 hours of continuous air running test, rotating bearing temperature rise should not exceed 30℃, maximum temperature length should not be more than 40℃, sprocket wheel, reducer, triangle belt pulley and roll rotation should be steady, without normal noise, roll collision is not allowed.

(2) load test:

The roller crusher can only carry out load operation test on the basis of good empty operation test, and the load test time shall not be less than 8 hours of continuous operation.

Determine whether the actual discharge and output meet the requirements, and ensure that the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 35℃, crusher work should be stable, there should be no more violent vibration, each fastener should be reliable.Each lubrication point must be filled with lubricating grease.Seal should be good, no leakage phenomenon.

If the output or grain size of roller crusher does not meet the requirements during operation, it can be adjusted by adjusting bolts at the back end of the movable device. If the current fluctuation is not stable during operation, it shall check whether the grain size of feed meets the requirements and put into production after the normal load test.

2. Precautions

(1) to strengthen the iron removal work to the mine.Non-crushing objects (drill head) falling into the twin rollers will damage the crusher, resulting in a shutdown accident.So in front of the crusher should be installed iron removal device.

(2) viscous materials are easy to block the broken space, so stop the mine to deal with the blocking fault, and do not stab the mine in operation.

(3) when the processed materials contain large pieces, it is necessary to pay attention to the large pieces of ore are easily extruded from the broken space to prevent injury or damage to the equipment.

(4) after running for a long time, the roller crusher will cause excessive fine particle size due to wear on the roller surface. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the ore discharge port or overhaul the equipment.

(5) to strengthen the inspection of the double roll crusher equipment, the lubrication parts of the equipment should be refueled on time, to maintain the good lubrication of the equipment.

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