What should be done when the cement plant preheater is blocked?

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After the preheater block, if found not timely, it is possible to block from the feeding pipe to the preheater cone, or even block the whole cyclone tube, bring great difficulty to the preheater block.

Some manufacturers have to adopt the blasting method with hidden safety risks to clear the blockage, improper operation of the blockage will cause serious accidents of casualties.Therefore, it is of great significance to formulate and strictly operate in accordance with the pre-heater blocking plan to prevent casualties and restore normal production of the blocked parts as soon as possible.


1. Preparatory work before blocking removal:

Prepare cleaning tools such as 6 pieces of steel pipe (5 m ~ 7 m), rubber tube, protective mirror, asbestos clothes, gloves, wire, pliers, etc.Organize personnel and unified command to ensure safety.


2. Central control operation shall be adjusted as follows:

(1) after confirming that the preheater is blocked, stop the coal feeding in the decomposition furnace and the raw material feeding in the kiln immediately.

(2) inform the waste heat generation operator to make corresponding adjustments.

(3) reduce the high temperature fan draft, pay attention to control the kiln head negative pressure, grate cooler cooling fan inlet valve can be gradually reduced from the low temperature section to the high temperature section, to ensure normal clinker cooling.

(4) open the ignition chimney cap so that the outlet temperature of C1 cylinder does not exceed 400.

(5) appropriately reduce the kiln speed and the amount of coal used in kiln head according to the temperature in the kiln.

(6) stop the main drive of the kiln and use auxiliary motor to intermittently rotate the kiln on the site if the blockage removal cannot be completed within 30 min.If the blockage is serious, stop feeding coal to kiln head and stop kiln treatment.Can clear in a short time, can be treated according to kiln insulation.

(7) control the negative pressure of the one-stage cyclone tube to ensure the safety of the on-site plugging personnel.

(8) it is forbidden to fire air cannon during blocking removal to prevent high-temperature gas or materials from shooting out and burning blocking personnel.

(9) it is strictly forbidden to stand in the pit of kiln head, grate cooler and clinker conveying when blocking is cleared, so as to prevent fresh materials from pouring out and injuring people.The gush of raw material should be promptly cleaned to prevent personnel from being burned.


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