What should be done when rotary kiln occurs red kiln and refractory brick falls?

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The rotary kiln may break down due to various reasons in operation, among which the most common fault is the red kiln and firebrick falling off. What should be done when the red kiln and firebrick falling off the rotary kiln?

1. Red kiln treatment measures

rotary kiln

1.1 red kiln is more harmful adhere to the principle of red kiln must stop, strictly prohibit pressing.


The erythema of the rotary kiln barrel body is dark red and appears in the area with the kiln skin, which is generally caused by the exposure of the kiln skin caving refractories.This kind of situation, need not stop kiln, but must make some adjustments, such as change the shape of the flame, avoid high temperature area is located in the red kiln, appropriate to speed up the kiln speed, position and aim the cooling fan is concentrated red kiln, the kiln kiln shell temperature decrease as soon as possible, such as the temperature is higher, should also be appropriate to reduce kiln head feed coal, reduce the calcination temperature.In a word, all necessary measures should be taken to repair and hang the kiln skin, so as to eliminate the erythema of the kiln barrel.

Lupus is bright red, or erythema appear in the absence of kiln area, this red kiln is commonly caused by kiln lining falls off, this must stop kiln, kiln method is to reduce coal pause to burn, and let the kiln owners drive slow turning a certain time, at the same time the kiln cylinder cooling fan position, focus on red kiln kiln shell temperature drop as soon as possible, for lupus from light red to dark red, by the auxiliary transmission turning kiln, and make red kiln location markers, to be prepared for the kiln maintenance.

Red kiln can be observed through infrared scanning temperature curve and its position can be accurately judged. The specific degree of red kiln needs to be observed and implemented on site.Generally speaking, when the peak value of the infrared scanning temperature and position curve of the rotary kiln barrel is greater than 350℃, more attention should be paid to control the temperature of the rotary kiln barrel as far as possible below 350℃.
rotary kiln

1.2 there are two types of red kiln: brick kiln and brick kiln. Special attention should be paid to the red kiln at the belt.


There are brick red kiln, it is to point to the brick is thinner kiln skin and off, high surface temperature of refractory brick leads to high temperature of rotary kiln cylinder.When this phenomenon occurs, the kiln skin can be repaired only when the clinker quality is qualified by cooling with a fan in time to stabilize the kiln skin, because only when the clinker reaches a certain temperature can the appropriate liquid phase be available, which is conducive to the repair and hanging of the kiln skin.When high temperature occurs in the cylinder of rotary kiln, the laboratory should prepare the ingredients well to ensure the stability of the components. The clinker KH and SM should not be too high. The liquid phase of clinker should be controlled 26-27% and kh0.89-0.90 sm2.4-2.45.


2. Firebrick drop treatment measures

rotary kiln

Drop brick red kiln, because firebrick falls, the cylinder body bright red hair white, the temperature reaches 500℃ above or even higher.When this situation occurs, immediately stop the fire of the material kiln head, stop the pressure grate cooler of 506 fan, the kiln speed drops to 0.4 RPM, and slowly cool down. When the temperature of the rotary kiln cylinder drops and no red is seen, stop the main transfer, hanging and auxiliary transfer to the kiln slowly, and gradually cool the kiln for maintenance and replacement of firebrick.In the process of operation, pay attention to the monitoring of the red kiln area, there should be no large area of refractory brick collapse phenomenon, there should be no positive pressure when the wind pressure.

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