What kinds of ways of discharging ore do rod mill have?

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Rod mill row ore way is to use the overflow type, open mining method, its exhaust mine end ball mill hollow shaft neck diameter than the same specification, generally in the ore is not too hard or soft (especially big viscosity mineral), under the condition of rod mill can replace the short head cone crusher finely homework, 19-30 mm ore processing mill at 6 and 12 orders, than the cone and the screen is divided into closed circuit configuration is simple, the cost is low.

The newly developed peripheral discharge rod mill has great differences in structure and discharge feeding mode, which is the key to distinguish rod mill from overflow ball mill.The following is a comprehensive introduction of the discharging and feeding of the surrounding bar mill.

As we all know, the working principle of rod mill is that it is driven by the motor through the reducer and the surrounding big gears or by the low-speed synchronous motor directly through the surrounding big gears to drive the cylinder rotation.The cylinder is equipped with appropriate grinding medium - steel rods.Under the action of centrifugal force and friction, the grinding medium is lifted to a certain height and falls in the state of dropping or discharging.The grinding material is continuously entered into the cylinder body by the feeding port, crushed by the moving grinding medium, and discharged from the machine by the overflow and continuous feeding force, so as to carry out the next stage of operation.

The feed of wet end peripheral discharge mill is fed by hollow shaft, and the discharge form is peripheral discharge.The structure of the surrounding ore discharge bar mill is basically the same as that of the ball mill.The ore discharging end is not equipped with the ore discharging grid, and the ore discharging mouth is larger for discharging.The rod medium is round steel rod, its length is 100-150 mm shorter than the mill barrel body, and the medium filling rate in this process is less than 30%.The hollow shaft diameter of the surrounding ore discharge bar mill is very large, which is supported by the alloy bearing bush. The materials below 300mm can smoothly enter and exit.The discharging mode of bar mill can be changed with the change of grain size of grinding materials. When grinding finely ground materials, the outlet around the edge can be filled and blocked by simple operation, and the discharging end can be changed to hollow shaft discharging, and the output can be changed by adjusting the amount of feeding, so as to achieve the appropriate grain size of discharging.The key to the efficiency of the mill is the addition system of grinding medium.Because of the fast discharging of rod mill, the cylinder length and diameter adopted by this machine are larger (more than 2/1). The purpose is to extend the grinding time so that iron slag can be fully separated.When this rod mill is used for grinding small and fine materials with small diameter, the peripheral discharging hole is filled and the discharging end is changed into hollow shaft discharging, the qualified discharging particle size can still be maintained.

At present, the iron mining for similar material in grinding, the iron "difficult" grinding particles, continuous front-rear type grinding machine adopts the elimination method are: since the mill in discharging grating open window "gravel", compulsory eduction "difficult" grinding particles, but there are limits diameter, less than 80 mm, can't meet the needs of the material grinding.The primary in and out mill has disadvantages such as low grinding efficiency, large equipment and not conducive to process convergence.The mill with surrounding discharge bar can meet the needs of large steel slag mill with small output.Rod grinding, with good particle size adaptability, not easy to plug and other characteristics..

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