What error area when buying crusher?

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When we buy crusher, is hope by crusher production engineering to get good benefit, but the premise is the choose and buy of fine crushing equipment, if the choice, don't understand this myth of choose and buy, it is easy to cheated, the choose and buy less than good equipment, buy crusher from time to tome what mistake?


1.Buy when it's cheap

Cheap means crusher price low, this has always been the investors an important measures to reduce the costs the machine investment, so cheap has great attraction for many investors, but for crusher such large equipment, at the time of manufacturing, technology, materials and artificial cost investment is not a small number, if the price is cheaper, are likely to be the quality and performance will not pass in some phenomenon, so at the time of use, can appear capacity is low, the phenomenon such as fault happens, cannot achieve good production yield.

2. Buy when you sell well

Crusher variety, different types of utility, function is different also, some equipment is in use, the production performance is better, so relatively popular in the market, this time a lot of investors will blindly follow suit, but it is only appropriate production engineering demand of crusher is the preferred choice, selling equipment may not fit your needs, so buy or should be carried out in accordance with the production requirements to;


3. Think price has nothing to do with brand

Different brand production crusher in terms of performance, quality and after-sales are likely to exist bigger difference, the difference is also led to the price is different, there is a small factory, not pass on equipment performance, provide after-sale is not comprehensive, so the price is lower, investors in the choose and buy when, don't be blinded by the interests of the moment, to see the long term interests, be sure to choose a big brand manufacturers, the use of such equipment is guaranteed;

These errors may lead to the crusher investors purchase not good equipment, and thus unable to obtain good production benefits, so in the purchase, must understand these errors, avoid being deceived.

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