What are the problems with the jaw crusher frame?

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Jaw crusher within different parts, each plays a different role, frame is one of the parts of the machine, also is the basis of its installation, at the same time the parts at the time of use, will bear a larger impact load, the impact load for the service life of the equipment and the working performance has an important influence, so it requires its strength and stiffness can meet the requirements of production, What are the problems with the jaw crusher frame?

jaw crusher

1. Analysis of working principle

About the working principle of jaw crusher, presumably everyone not unfamiliar, mainly of the reciprocating motion by using the transmission mechanism to drive, to achieve for stone crushing homework, in the process of the broken stone from large to small, so will produce certain impact, this action will cause the vibration of the frame to produce, therefore, the rack used in jaw crusher, one problem is the choice and design of vibration isolation measures.

jaw crusher

2. Cracks appear in jaw crusher

For jaw crusher, the structure of the frame is not a single, some rack belong to the structure of the casting molding, crushing processing jobs in a long time, the filter screen of the particle size is reduced, equipment also row ore mouth gap decreases, this phenomenon will increase rack in production under the impact strength, makes the equipment load increase, this will lead to frame steel plate in the erect crack appears on the surface, the conventional welding cannot make cracks inside achieving full healing, so the welding frame in the running for a few days after will continue to crack, in this way,Jaw crusher frame is basically normal operation after a few days will be for welding time, but due to the structure of the machine problems, every time the welding time is longer, if not timely for welding repair, will lead to frame fracture completely, also cause crusher thoroughly destroyed, it will reduce the service life of equipment, increase the economic burden of production operation;

Jaw crusher frame at the time of use, the problems, through the introduction of the above you can see, mainly is two aspects, one is the selection and design of vibration isolation measures, it is a long time and high frequency welding, will increase the economic burden of the equipment and reduce its service life, so the frame when choosing to pay attention to the stiffness and strength, to pay attention to when using operation is correct, and its load is reasonable.

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