What are the parts for daily maintenance of the roller press?

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Patrol inspection is to find problems, maintenance is to deal with simple problems and maintenance, for identified problems should do a good job hidden trouble record, and one by one arrangements to deal with.The following is the roller press daily maintenance of the parts have what the introduction.

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1. Daily maintenance of roller press


1.1 oil compensating

Filling oil mainly refers to reducer, pressure station, grease station.When the oil level of the oil station is found to be insufficient, the oil should be replenished to the normal oil mark line according to the specified brand in time, and the oil should be cleaned when replenishing.When the grease point fault is found, it should be timely dredge to ensure oil supply, when necessary can manually refueling to ensure the safety of equipment.When the oil leakage should be found out the cause, timely tighten, seal, clean the vent so that the oil and gas can be discharged.

1.2 air recharge of accumulator

When the nitrogen air bag leak, to find out the cause, in addition to the normal leakage treatment, to carry out air to the normal pressure, when necessary to replace or overhaul the accumulator.

1.3 treatment of leaking materials and ash

Leakage often occurs in the inlet and outlet device or dust collection pipeline, found problems should be timely welding repair.If the ash, in addition to check dredge dust removal pipe, can increase the ventilation, appropriate adjustment with the wind.

1.4 inspection and treatment of roll surface

When abnormal vibration and sound of the roller press are found and accompanied by a certain period, it is necessary to check the roller surface and exclude foreign bodies.If it is found that the roll surface is partially extruded off, it is necessary to carry out maintenance according to the normal roll surface welding method, or make a plan for maintenance in a short period of time.

roller press

1.5 looseness treatment

Roller press has a lot of fasteners, such as anchor bolts, beam and column connection bolts, found loose should be timely tightened, if necessary, stop tightening.

1.6 water cooling system

Water cooling system is mainly reducer and roller, found leakage or water pressure is insufficient, should be blocked up, adjust.

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2. Serious problems with roller press

The inspection and maintenance of the roller press cannot solve all the problems. When serious faults are found, such as broken teeth of the reducer or bearing damage, spindle bearing damage of the roller press, beam and column fracture, it is necessary to carry out maintenance.In addition, the problems found in the inspection must be reported and recorded in place to avoid greater losses. There must also be a detailed plan for the surfacing welding of the roller surface.

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