What are the main factors affecting solid waste incineration treatment?

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Incineration is a high-temperature heat treatment technology, that is, a certain amount of excess air and the organic waste to be treated in the incinerator oxidation decomposition reaction, the waste of toxic and harmful substances in the high temperature oxidation, pyrolysis and destruction.What are the main factors affecting solid waste incineration treatment?

1. Characteristics of solid waste treatment by incineration technology

solid waste incineration treatment

Using incineration technology to treat solid waste has the characteristics of significant reduction, rapid treatment and elimination of pathogens.Incineration treatment capacity, harmless thoroughly, incineration of waste residue non-toxic and harmless, is a good material for building materials, heat energy can be recycled, is another way of recycling.

However, there is a problem of air pollution in the incineration of solid waste.The biggest impact of incineration disposal technology on the environment is pollution caused by tail gas. In order to prevent secondary pollution, the treatment of municipal solid waste should improve working condition control and tail gas purification, which is the key to reduce the pollution control of this method.


2. Influencing factors

solid waste incineration treatment

(1) nature of solid waste.

To a large extent, the nature of solid waste is the decisive factor to judge whether it is suitable for incineration treatment and whether the incineration treatment is effective.

(2) incineration temperature.

Incineration temperature has a decisive effect on the degree of reduction and harmlessness of incineration treatment.

(3) residence time.

Material residence time mainly refers to the residence time of solid waste in the incinerator and the residence time of flue gas in the incinerator.The residence time of solid waste depends on the reaction rate of evaporation, thermal decomposition and REDOX reaction.

(4) oxygen supply and mixing degree of materials.

Air not only helps fuel combustion, but also cools, stirs gas and controls the atmosphere of the incinerator.

In addition to the nature of solid waste, material residence time, incineration temperature, oxygen supply, mixing of materials, and the retention degree of furnace gas, other solid waste material thickness, movement mode, air preheating temperature, air intake mode, burner performance, flue gas purification system resistance, etc., will also affect the solid waste incineration process.

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