What are the details of cleaning the crusher?

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As a commonly used crushing equipment, many customers do not pay much attention to the cleaning of the crusher when using it. However, if the crusher is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the operation of the equipment. Therefore, cleaning is also an important part of the maintenance of the crusher.what details need to pay attention to clean the crusher?


1. Clean the crusher belt

Check the belt and pulley for oil stains, and if so, wipe the belt and pulley with a clean cloth without leaving any stains or dust.


2. Clean the inlet and outlet of the crusher

Check the inlet and outlet to see if there is any residual material of the crusher during the last operation. If there is, it should be processed in time to ensure the cleanliness and cleanliness of the outlet and inlet, otherwise it may affect the quality of finished products.

3. Clean the inside of the crushing chamber

Check if there are any other debris in the crushing chamber of the crusher. Please note that the power should be disconnected before cleaning.When opening the inside of the crushing chamber, first clean the surrounding residual materials, and then clean the residual materials on the hammer head;Because the lining board is arranged in the crushing chamber, when selecting the rotary cutter disc, the metal material will wear off some paint on the lining board, so we also need to check whether there are impurities and paint on the inner wall of the crushing chamber;When cleaning, we need to use towel, brush and other cleaning tools to clean. After cleaning the materials in the equipment, wipe and clean with 75% ethanol, and then close the crushing chamber.The cleaning of crushing chamber should be carried out before starting up the equipment to reduce the load during starting up.


4. Clean the outside of the crusher

For the outside of the crusher cleaning, mainly the shell surface cleaning and the surface cleaning.Sand machine cleaning work is mainly to prevent the emergence of crusher block material and other problems, to ensure the normal operation of the crusher.


5. Clean the bearing of the crusher

In addition to the above parts, but also on the equipment to clean up the bearing, bearing on if there are any attachments will make bearing heat affected, the cooling effect of variation leads to bearing temperature rise, will affect the life of equipment and performance, serious word will cause equipment accident and safety problems, so if you find there are attachments on bearing should be clear in time, sand attached objects of a class is the same, to ensure that the bearing can be smooth and stable running.

Crusher cleaning work needs to have a person to be responsible for the cleaning of the equipment for an arrangement, there are planning and step-by-step implementation.Crusher maintenance must carry out the principle of "maintenance and repair, prevention first", do regular maintenance, mandatory, correct handling of the use, maintenance and repair of the relationship.

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