What are the common faults of roll crusher?

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Roll crusher used for coarse, intermediate crushing of materials, to ensure the output, first to ensure the normal operation of the roll crusher, do you know what are the common faults of roll crusher?

1. Poor discharge particle size

We all know to roll crusher is by extrusion between two rollers to the broken material, so in the case of uneven in discharging granularity, the first thing we should check whether the roller leather wear, like skin uneven wear and tear, and found that roll to roll for surfacing welding on flat, if wear is extremely serious, recommend replacing roll leather.

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2. Abnormal sound or abnormal equipment vibration occurs in the crushing chamber

If the roller crusher in the work of abnormal vibration, may be the feed size is too large, or feeding uneven, should control the size of the feed does not exceed the specified value, and ensure uniform feed.It is also necessary to check whether the roller broken bolts are loose, especially the anchor bolts and bearing bolts should be tightened.

If found at work for roller broken broken cavity internal sound, first of all should be ruled out is not broken material into the crushing chamber internal, should stop to crushing cavity clean, if found no abnormal gouge, there may be a crushing cavity internal component damage fracture, the corresponding damaged parts for replacement.

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3. The bearing temperature is too high in the working process

Bearing is an important part to drive a roll breaking work, so we should pay attention to the bearing temperature during the work. If the bearing temperature is too high during the work, it may be the usual lubrication work is not in place, or the quality of the lubricating oil used is not guaranteed.If the bearing is damaged due to long-term use, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it will cause more serious consequences.

4.The machine works but the rolls don't roll


If after starting up the roller crusher, it is found that the transmission part is working but the roller is not moving,check whether the triangle belt is too loose and slipping, adjust the tension of the triangle belt, check whether the bearing is damaged, if so, replace it in time.Or if there is any damage to the long-tooth gear, if it is found to be the reason for the gear, stop the machine to replace the gear.

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5. Boring machine

The biggest cause of roller crushing machine is to feed too much, which leads to the crusher overload caused by, should immediately stop feeding, empty the crushing cavity, find out the reason for the correct treatment.

Only when we understand the common faults of roller crushing, can we timely eliminate unexpected accidents in production and ensure the efficiency and profit of production.

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