The working principle of the kaolin dryer

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Kaolin dryer is suitable for granular materials, also can be used in part of the method of mixing materials to dry sticky materials, paste materials or high water content materials.

Kaolin dryer with high sealing cover at both ends of the main engine, energy saving and environmental protection, electricity consumption is only 30% of similar products, coal consumption is only 50%, and the material after drying indicators are higher than the national standards.

The working principle of

The heat source of kaolin dryer comes from combustion device, and the dryer adopts downstream heating mode.Therefore, the materials that need to be dried slip into the cylinder body from the feeding box, that is, pushed by the screw plate.Materials because of the dryer tilted, on the one hand, the gravity and rotary low back end, on the other hand the material being repeatedly grabbed, copy board to top constantly raise and down again, make the material within the cylinder form uniform curtain, sufficient heat exchange with tube in the heat flow, due to the material repeatedly Yang, contains moisture by drying, gradually so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

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