The reasons and solutions of grate gap clogging in grate cooler

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Grate cooler is an important equipment in the rotary kiln system. On the one hand, it cools the hot clinker out of the kiln to a suitable temperature. During the cooling process, it displaces the heat energy in the clinker and contains it in the hot air.On the other hand, through the grate bed advance, the clinker will be transported to the appropriate location, broken into storage.Therefore, the role of grate cooler can be for cooling clinker, convenient transportation, convenient storage;Replacement of heat energy, effective saving of coal.

Grate for grate cooler is very critical, is the passage of the wind, the size of its section area is related to the wind resistance and through the amount, but this has been determined in the design and manufacturing, the use of units is to find a way to maintain this parameter, prevent the grate plug.The reasons and solutions of grate gap clogging in grate cooler

grate cooler

1. Reasons for grate blockage


1.1 improper material cushion of pu before kiln opening

For example, the cushion powder has more particles and less, the cushion clinker is moist, small particles and powder will be trapped in the grate, at this time the fan of the grate cooler cannot be opened, but the temperature rises with the temperature of the kiln, clinker condensation will occur, so when the fan is opened, in fact, part of the grate has been blocked.

1.2 wet bottom of grate bed

Some enterprises in order to reduce the temperature of the residual air, often in the grate cooler to add atomized water, once the wind temperature low atomized water, will cause wet bottom, sometimes even stop the water, the result of the grate is firmly paste.

1.3 the clinker with liquid phase enters the grate cooler

For example, due to improper ingredients, adjustment on the kiln did not follow up, viscous belt liquid clinker into the grate cooler, if the adjustment is improper at this time, not only cause a snowman, but also cause grate plug.In addition, improper operation of the burner causes pulverized coal to fall into the grate cooler for combustion, and the clinker becomes sticky and blocks the grate cooler.

1.4 improper operation

Mainly refers to the operation does not adapt to or do not follow the grate bed of the wind change, such as the material layer changed, the wind pressure did not increase, sometimes even shut down the press;For example, improper shutdown, improper shutdown sequence, belt material stop wind, and so on, easy to cause plug grate.

grate cooler

2. Solution to plug the grate


2.1 block prevention before starting up

Before starting up the system, it is generally necessary to lay the clinker cushion at the hot end of the grate bed to prevent the burning of the hot clinker and the damage of the grate plate by the impact of large clinker.In the early stage of kiln ignition, the grate bed does not operate and the fan does not open. If the clinker cushion is moist and pink, it is easy to plug the grate seam of the grate cooler. Therefore, the clinker cushion should choose dry granular clinker.

2.2 during maintenance, the grate shall be cleaned carefully

During maintenance must be based on the usual situation, to the grate carefully cleaned, one by one inspection, cleaning, if not clear, must be replaced, otherwise inevitably affect the cooling effect.

2.3 strictly control atomized water

If some enterprises set atomized water on the top of the grate bed of the grate cooler, the atomized water amount and atomization effect should be strictly controlled to ensure that atomized water droplets vaporize before falling on the clinker. Meanwhile, the operation must match with the system, otherwise the wet bottom may occur at any time, and water should be stopped before the shutdown.

2.4 timely adjustment and reasonable operation

No matter from the aspect of technology, or from the aspect of equipment, reasonable operation and timely adjustment are needed. However, there are too many contents involved, and only a few items can be highlighted. For example, if there are multiple layers of incoming materials, the grate speed should be accelerated, and the wind pressure and air volume should be adjusted.The material layer is thin to drop the grate speed, reduce the air volume and stop the machine.If the fan fails, it should be opened in time. If the shutdown time is long, it must stop the grate cooler or other corresponding measures.Otherwise it is easy to plug the grate.And so on.

For the cold machine, the grate is very important, if you encounter other reasons for congestion or have a better solution can leave a message with us.

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