The reason of high tile temperature of ball mill and its modification

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The problem of high tile temperature of ball mill seriously restricts the stable operation of production, and there is a great hidden trouble of equipment.Often several hours after continuous operation will be due to the tile temperature alarm and shut down, after professional technical personnel analysis, determine the ball mill tile temperature high reason and transformation.

1. The reason for the high temperature rise of the ball mill

The tile of a ball mill

(1) in the design of the ball mill, the support is in the form of contact between sliding shoe and rolling ring, with high linear speed and high friction heat generated between sliding shoe and rolling ring;

(2) the temperature of the cylinder body keeps rising due to the heat generated by the high-temperature clinker and material grinding in the ball mill, and the temperature is transmitted to the sliding shoe tile through heat conduction to keep the tile temperature high.Even the grinding of grinding tile, grinding tile damage cracking.


2. Renovation plan

ball mill

(1) remove 2 shell lining plates, add pouring material in the 50mm gap between the grate plate and the shell of original insulation cotton, and completely isolate the heat conduction from the temperature inside the ball mill support plate to the shell;

(2) under the screw blade at the discharge end and the cavity between the ball mill barrel close to the sliding shoe position, make castable to isolate the heat radiation.

(3) because it is during the peak season of cement delivery for transformation, there is no time for ball cleaning.To overcome the difficulty of space limit, make two construction plans within 180°


3. Specific construction plan

ball mill

(1) turn off the power of the ball mill, and the maintenance personnel will enter the ball mill barrel through the manhole door on the upper part of the mill barrel, and start to prepare materials and tools before transformation.

(2) disassemble the grate plate in half, and remove one piece of spiral blade in the discharging device for welding anchorage parts at 180° symmetry.

(3) remove one lining plate and one lining plate respectively with an internal symmetry of 180°, and fill the 50mm gap with castable.

(4) the "Y" type anchorage shall be welded inside the barrel, and the castable shall be stirred into a paste and solidified for 24h.

(5) open the slow drive of the ball mill to cast the inner half.Same as above.

After this technical transformation, the cooling effect is obvious, 90.8℃ before the transformation, and 74.7℃ after the transformation.According to the prediction of the temperature difference between the current ambient temperature and the temperature difference of 20℃ in summer, the watt temperature of the mill should be controllable at about 80℃ in summer. After stable operation, the alarm value of the watt temperature should be set back to the equipment protection value of 85℃ to reduce the accident rate.The mill can operate stably during the peak season of summer shipping, avoid frequent shutdowns, and ensure the stability of production and shipping.

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