The production line of 1500 tons of large aggregate sand aggregate is favored by customers

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In recent years, with the rising labor costs of the construction industry, the serious shortage of skilled laborers, and the continuous improvement of environmental standards for construction sites, the driving force of China's ready-mixed mortar has been gradually promoted by the government to promote the development of the government and the market. Under the multiple effects of environmental governance, market promotion and policy intervention, the ready-mixed mortar industry is ushering in a period of rapid development. At the same time, the complete set of process equipment manufacturing plant develops advanced sandstone production technology to help build a green sandstone production line with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and full automation.

Under the new normal, urban economic development pays more attention to environmental protection. China's cement industry, which has a serious overcapacity, should take the initiative to adapt to the changes in the new economic environment and changes in the future market structure, transform the development of the industry, adjust the development model of the enterprise, and develop the city. Symbiosis, reducing pollutant emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, and transforming the cement industry into a green ecosystem.

The production line of 1500 tons of large aggregate sand aggregate is favored by customers.

Therefore, in order to change the traditional high energy consumption and low capacity business model, the cement industry has made the use of cement ore to make gravel aggregates, which has become the consensus of the industry's transformation and development. It is reported that limestone is a non-renewable resource, so the rational processing and utilization of limestone has become an important practice for protecting resources.

The transformation of the industry is first to achieve a transformation of the supply and demand balance of the product market, and the reduction will be from beginning to end. For the cement industry, I don’t know when to put high-energy, high-pollution hats on my head for a long time, and with the hats of overcapacity, the “three big mountains” are overwhelmed by the cement. However, looking at the north and south of the river, looking around the cities, the facilities and projects for national economic construction, which one is not poured and supported by cement.
The production line of 1500 tons of large aggregate sand aggregate is favored by customers.

According to the mining situation and demand, in line with the production principle of “intensive use of resources, scientific mining methods, and environmentally friendly production processes”, jiagsu lvssn tailor-made a complete set of equipment for the production of 1,500 tons of large aggregate sand aggregate. The main equipment of the production line is configured as a patented product ZPC2528 heavy hammer crusher with a designed production capacity of 1,500 tons/hour, and correspondingly equipped with vibrating feeders, circular vibrating screens, etc. The whole production line has short process, high output and energy. Effectively improve the amount of stone powder. At the same time, it also equipped with high-efficiency dust removal system, low noise and light vibration, ensuring environmental protection and dust-free pollution in the production process, and achieving green environmental protection production of high-quality sandstone aggregate with zero emission, zero pollution and efficient use of resources.

The cement industry and the sand and gravel aggregate industry have high complementarity and integration advantages in customers, markets, mineral resources, processes and equipment, and human resources. It has become an industry consensus for cement companies to enter the sand and gravel aggregate industry. At present, jiangsu lvssn provides a large-scale sand and gravel aggregate production line package engineering service, which adds a strong color to the cement industry's entry into the aggregate industry.
It is worth mentioning that Jiangsu lvssn large sand and gravel aggregate production line covers a small area. Under the premise of ensuring quality, the number of equipment is reduced, the production line is more compact, and it can achieve continuous and efficient production all the time and achieve the goal of zero pollution discharge. It has changed the situation of the traditional sand and gravel aggregate production line. In addition, under the new normal, “high output, low energy consumption and high environmental protection” have become the prominent features of the sand and gravel aggregate production line. The high-efficiency large-scale aggregate aggregate production line has attracted more and more customers' attention and favor.

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