The bearing bit wear and repair of the paper-text detailed roller press

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I. Common problems of roller press

Since the middle 1980 s of last century, roller press has become one of the important equipment of cement enterprises. Compared with other grinding equipment, roller press has great advantages in increasing output, reducing power consumption, saving investment and so on. When the roller press runs at high load for a long time, it is often caused by the change of material particle size, the drop of foreign body, the pressure imbalance of hydraulic system and the long-term deviation of roll gap, which results in the wear of roller bearing position. No matter what kind of situation produces wear and tear, the loss to the production is huge. Through the experience of Fushi Blue Company for more than ten years, there are generally the following common problems in roller press:

1. Excessive vibration

Fault performance: the vibration of roller press body, sometimes accompanied by strong impact sound, which is mainly related to the coarse or too fine feeding particles, unstable or poor continuity of material pressure, high extrusion pressure and so on. Treatment method: if the particle size of the feed is too fine, the amount of recharge should be reduced to increase the average particle size, and on the contrary, the amount of recharge should be increased to fill the gap between large particles. At the same time, the continuity of batching and the stability of silo layer are maintained. It is also necessary to maintain the appropriate extrusion pressure (6-8Mp).

2. Poor hydraulic system

Fault performance: the pressure is low or not up, the sealing ring is broken, the cylinder oil leakage and so on. Treatment method: keep the hydraulic oil clean, often clean the relief valve, directional valve, the sealing ring of each connecting part needs to be replaced in time.

3, the bearing temperature is on the high side or the temperature difference is large

Roller press system lubrication is automatic refueling, each time the tanker automatically refueling for ten minutes, but often check whether there is oil in the barrel, whether the oil intake at each lubrication point is unobstructed, the reducer filter is often cleaned, and the circulating cooling water path is smooth.

4, the deviation between the two rollers is large.

Check whether the pressure on both sides of the hydraulic system is balanced, if the pressure on both sides is not balanced, the top will be deflected; and then check whether the opening of the bar valve on both sides of the upper silo is the same.

5. The roller surface is damaged.

Damage to the roller surface includes:cracks on the roller surface, pit on the roller surface or peeling of hard abrasion resistant layer on the roller surface. During production and use, do not drop the hard iron machine into the roller press, add a iron remover at the coarse powder returned from the dispersing machine, so as to prevent the iron machine from being pressed in the roller press. After the roller surface is damaged, contact the equipment manufacturer in time, and ask the professional to weld and repair on site.

6. Bearing damage

The imported bearing of the roller press is a set of more than 200,000 yuan, and four sets of bearings are nearly RMBmillion. The normal service life of the design is from 8 to 10 years, so long as we normally strengthen the equipment lubrication and maintenance, there is no problem. in addition, because that roll press is different from the manufacturer, the extrusion method and the transmission structure of the roll press are different, the roll press produced by the citic heavy industry is a constant roll gap, the roll gap of the roll press is constant, and the pressure changes with the material; and the Hefei yard roll press is constant pressure, and the pressure of the roll press is constant, The nip changes with the material. At the time of production, the silo shall keep a certain weight, and the material shall be provided with a material column at the time of operation, and the material shall not be empty (the dust in the empty chamber workshop is very large). In order to make the roller press work more, the current of the two-roller press shall reach more than 70% of the rated current, so as to improve the grinding efficiency of the whole system.

Second, the solution to the bearing position wear of roller compressor

(I) cement equipment problems

On September 3, 2016, Zibo Fushi Blue engineer went to the enterprise to carry on the maintenance work to solve the wear problem of the non-drive side action roller bearing position of the roller press. The diameter of bearing position is 601mm, the width of bearing position is 388mm, the taper is 1 ≤ 12, and the unilateral wear is about 2.5 × 3.0mm.

(2) traditional repair technology and repair method

The traditional repair technology is generally thermal spraying or cold welding treatment of wear position, but because of the large volume of roller press and reducer, the time and cost of disassembly is large, and the transportation cost is high, which seriously affects the continuous production of enterprises.

(3) Application of polymer composites

Using Fushi blue polymer composites to repair, the unique adhesive properties, compression resistance and good "concession" of the products, 100% surface matching performance after repair, etc., show the characteristics of rapidity, convenience and durability in repairing this kind of problems, and save a lot of valuable time for enterprises. While helping the enterprise to improve the equipment management means, it can ensure the economic benefit loss caused by the shutdown and shutdown of the production line to the maximum extent.

(4)Comparison of repair process.

The repair adopts the 211F high-molecular composite material to be matched with the 803 release agent to be repaired, the operation is simple and convenient, and the time consumption is short compared with the traditional process. The invention saves a large amount of maintenance cost for enterprises, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, can be used for a long time, and solves the major equipment problems for enterprises.

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