The advantage of jaw crusher in handling iron ore

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In recent years, with the development of mineral resources crushing and mineral processing industry, jaw crusher appeared rapidly in various fields.The most outstanding advantage of the jaw crusher is that it can handle a wide range of materials.No matter which kind of ore, can achieve a good crushing effect, the most striking characteristic is the advantage of high efficiency, low investment, jaw crusher is the first choice of mechanical crushing equipment industry.The advantage of jaw crusher in handling iron ore.

jaw crusher

Once iron ore is developed and processed, it helps many industries to achieve economic growth, so the development of iron ore is of great concern.In dealing with iron ore, the crushing stage is indispensable. A jaw crusher developed by jiangsu LVSSN in accordance with the properties of iron ore has been used in the primary crushing process of iron ore with remarkable results.

When the jaw crusher crusher the mined iron ore, the movement of the jaw plate drives the material to be squeezed and cut until the qualified material is expelled, and the unqualified one is returned for further crushing. In the whole process.

jaw crusher

the advantages of the jaw crusher in its application are as follows:

1. The feed size of the crusher is 120-1500mm, the production capacity is 1-2200t/h, and the maximum compressive strength is 320MPa.

2, increased the size of eccentric shaft bearing, so that it has a higher bearing capacity.

3. Optimized the overall structure and counterweight to effectively reduce the vibration frequency of the machine.

4. Each part of the jaw crusher adopts high-end wear-resistant materials, with enhanced reliability and durability.

jaw crusher

5. Optimized the crushing cavity shape, and the jaw plate can be used interchangeably for four times to improve the material utilization rate.

6, the production of jaw crusher the overall structure is simple, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.

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