Signs and prevention of large tile heating in rotary kiln

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Heating of large tile in rotary kiln is a troublesome thing, sometimes several tiles are heating at the same time, sometimes several tiles are heating in turn, affecting the normal operation of the equipment and causing a negative impact on the production quality.Signs and prevention of large tile heating in rotary kiln.

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1. Judgment of heating of rotary kiln tile


1.1 serious kiln skin collapse

In kiln caving serious when, back half half hot and cold rotary kiln cylinder is affected by temperature difference, thermal elongation of more, rather cold place less elongation, cylinder will bend, deviation from the center of the rotary kiln is not only the load fluctuation, also can cause belting leather produce disturbance, disturbance on the wheel to tile of belting leather, once a disturbance outside the spherical self-aligning ability, contact with the shaft will produce very big change, partial overload, inevitable fever will happen.

1.2 the rotary kiln fails to operate normally during heating up

If the rotary kiln fails to operate normally due to various reasons during the heating up period, it is also easy to bend the normal cylinder, as before, it is easy to heat up the big tile normally.

1.3 temporary kiln shutdown or fault kiln shutdown

Temporary or failure to stop the kiln, sometimes the kiln can not play slow turn, will also cause the cylinder body bending, causing heat bearing bush.

1.4 interruption of cooling water

After the interruption of cooling water, the heat in the rotary kiln tile cannot be carried out in time, which is bound to cause a high oil temperature rise, so the oil viscosity will fall, the bearing capacity will be reduced, once the oil film is crushed, destroyed, the shaft and tile will be in direct contact, friction increase, causing heat.

1.5 poor lubrication

Bad lubrication has a variety of forms, such as insufficient oil, uneven cloth oil, oil deterioration, oil pollution, the occurrence of these bad conditions, will cause lubrication failure, one is the heat generated by the operation, two is to take away the ability to reduce the heat, if there is a harder impurity in the oil, will also hurt tile, causing rotary kiln big tile heat.

1.6 oil film changes

Oil film changes, or become thin or uneven, or the thrust plate oil film changes, once the change, it means that the force on the tile has changed, is likely to cause heat.

1.7 foreign body entry

Foreign matter into or dust or particle material, will strain the shaft and tile, resulting in decreased contact accuracy or damaged oil film, will cause the tile heat.

1.8 effects of kiln adjustment

If the kiln barrel deviates from the rotary center, it is inevitable to adjust the rotary kiln, but in the process of adjusting the kiln changed the original stress state, broke the balance, may cause the heat of tile.

rotary kiln

2. Prevention of heating of rotary kiln tile

There are many reasons for the heating of rotary kiln tile, which indicates that there are many prevention methods, which can be summarized in the following aspects.

1. Kiln skin is stable

Adjust the burner with the stability of the coal and the equipment, ensure the stability of the force system and the kiln shell, make the rotary kiln barrel run in the normal rotary center, avoid the bending disturbance of the kiln.

2. Temperature change

No matter it is heating up or stopping the kiln, it should be operated according to the regulations. When the cylinder temperature is high, it will turn to the rotary kiln continuously and slowly, and when the temperature is low, it will turn to the kiln intermittently.During the long time of stopping the kiln, the rotary kiln should be turned over regularly to avoid the deformation of the kiln.Once it is found that the oil film on the shaft is uneven or part of the oil film disappears in the process of rotary kiln, measures should be taken to correct the cylinder body, such as continuous slow rotary kiln, in order to prevent abrasion of the bearing bush can be taken oil measures.

3. Cooling measures fail

In case of interruption of cooling water or failure of other cooling measures, it shall be rectified and restored in case of emergency. During this period, it can be cooled by pouring oil and other measures, so as to avoid unbalance of heat dissipation for a long time and cause heat generation of bearing bush.If the environment condition changes greatly, the fan can be used to strengthen the cooling.

4. Failure of lubrication

When lubrication failure, such as insufficient oil level, oil deterioration or pollution, cloth oil failure, should timely fill, change the corresponding brand of lubricating oil, oil scoop, cloth oil plate to correct, during the appropriate reduction of rotary kiln kiln speed, supplemented other cooling measures.

5. Foreign bodies to enter

If the foreign body enters or blocks or sand particles, it will cause the shaft bush of rotary kiln to pull, resulting in the heat of the shaft bush. At this time, if it is found to be sand particles, it should be refueled in the observation hole and gradually released to bring out dust and sand particles.

6. Precautions for kiln adjustment

Adjusting the kiln is easy to cause the heating of the bearing bush, so it is necessary to make small adjustments and observe more. Once the oil film changes or is large, emergency measures should be taken, such as suspending adjusting the kiln or returning or entering a little less according to the situation. During this period, the oil can be sprayed to strengthen cooling or help restore the oil film as soon as possible.

Before the heating of rotary kiln bearing, there are generally reasons, but also precursory, if can be found in a timely manner, timely measures, will greatly avoid causing the heating of bearing bearing, affecting production, this requires careful inspection, timely measures to control.

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