Reasonable management of electrical equipment in cement plant to reduce power consumption

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Cement plant, one of the large users of electric energy, is very important in energy conservation.At present, the electricity cost of cement production in most cement production lines is relatively high, and some enterprises account for about 1/3 of the comprehensive cost of cement. Energy waste phenomenon of high consumption of electrical equipment and low utilization rate of electricity is common.

1 Electric motor technology energy saving management

Cement factory large power is mainly centrifugal fan, mill (ball mill, vertical mill, roller press), crusher, water pump.Medium voltage motors are used for motors with power above 250kW.In many domestic factories, the energy saving of large motors is not reasonable. Some enterprises adopt the static feed camera to save energy for all large motors; some enterprises only use frequency converter to control the high-temperature fan; some enterprises even do not have energy saving facilities for other large power sources except the frequency converter used by the powder separator.The static feed camera is connected in series in the rotor circuit of the motor. By changing the phase relation between the rotor current and the rotor voltage, and then changing the phase relation between the stator current and the voltage of the motor, it can improve the power factor of the motor and reduce the stator current of the motor.This method greatly improves the running condition of the motor and significantly reduces the loss of the motor itself.The compensation performance is much better than the capacitance compensation, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

2. Energy-saving management of lighting electrical technology

Lighting energy-saving to use efficient energy-saving lamps.The workshop generally USES mixed lighting, mainly uniform lighting, local lighting as a supplement.Tall plant with new large capacity energy-saving lighting, and should be easy to repair.The duty room, control room and office are equipped with energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps.According to the lighting needs to choose a reasonable type of lamps, single-phase electricity facilities to maintain the power supply three-phase balance principle.

3 Low voltage electrical room electrical technology energy-saving management

Do the centralized compensation of the low-voltage system and the contact circuit management of the bus of each voltage level.When production scale changes or large-scale overhaul, power supply can be switched on and off reasonably through the connection circuit between bus connection switch and electrical room according to electricity consumption.Reduce the number of lines and transformers to reduce losses and save energy.The electricity consumption of each section is installed with electricity meters to facilitate electricity assessment.

According to the above methods to improve cement plant electrical equipment, can effectively reduce power consumption, energy saving to reduce costs.

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