Principle of dry and wet grinding of ball mill

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Classification of ball mill

The grinding methods of ball mill can be divided into dry grinding and wet grinding, among which wet grinding is widely used, most minerals can be used for wet grinding, while dry grinding is used in a smaller range, but some materials can only be used for dry grinding.Then, what is the principle and application scope of dry and wet grinding of ball mill?

Principle of dry grinding of ball mill

The main equipment of ball mill dry mill is dry ball mill, dry ball mill structure relative to wet ball mill to be responsible for a lot, must be equipped with wind device, dust pipe and dust collector, which is determined by its working principle.Ball mill dry grinding requirements grinding materials must be dry, can not add water or other liquid, materials in the mill medium grinding, meet the requirements of the product by the wind or air flow out.

Principle of wet grinding of ball mill

Wet grinding ball mill is the main equipment of wet ball mill and wet ball mill has simple structure, without having to add too much auxiliary parts, grinding process need to add water or ethanol, grinding operation, the big materials will be under the impact of the ball grinding medium and grinding cracks, the crack increase gradually deepened, the final material separation from the crack, so as to achieve the large materials grinding small role.

The material and grinding medium are mixed together to bump and squeeze each other. If it is a dry grinding, there is no material barrier in the crack, and the crack is likely to be smaller and smaller in the extrusion process, which will result in low grinding efficiency and slow material separation speed.But if it is wet grinding, when the bulk mineral appears small crack, the flow of water will force the flow into the crack, the effect of barrier, and then through the grinding medium impact and extrusion, will gradually increase the crack, finally make the bulk material is smashed, so the efficiency of wet grinding is high.

Low noise and high grinding efficiency

In addition to high grinding efficiency, wet grinding also has the characteristics of low noise, fine and uniform grinding granularity, and less pollution to the working environment.The advantage of the ball mill dry grinding is the use of grate plate type mill tail material, material speed, smooth, will not appear swell phenomenon, cylinder without cooling, long service life.

Disadvantages of dry and wet grinding

What is mentioned above is the advantages and disadvantages of dry and wet grinding. The disadvantage of dry grinding is that there may be dead space in the grinding. Once the material enters the dead space, it cannot be ground without the driving force of water.The disadvantage of wet milling is that the process of dehydration and drying after grinding increases the cost.

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