Optimization of cement grinding system equipment before application of ceramic grinding body

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Before the application of ceramic grinding bodies in cement ball mills, a thorough understanding of the equipment of the grinding system and the necessary optimization must be carried out. Especially after the cement grinding equipment has been enlarged, the double-closed cement combined grinding system of the roller press-ball mill is used, and the equipment configuration is relatively complicated. Therefore, the grinding system is continuously optimized, improved and adjusted to keep the equipment running smoothly and the quality of production. Stable, it is especially important to get twice the result with half the effort. ......

First, the technical transformation and adjustment of the roller press system

At present, the total work efficiency of the combined grinding system roller press is very important for the whole grinding system, which directly affects the size of the grinding grain. The content of <2mm particles in the cake should be increased as much as possible to make the grinding material easy to grind. improve.

1. Repair roll surface

After a period of operation, the roll surface will wear, the running vibration will increase, and the extrusion effect will be worse. Therefore, the roll surface of the roller press with severe wear should be repaired in time to increase the pinning ability of the roll facing the material.

2. Prevent edge leakage

Edge leakage is a place that is difficult to be found and often overlooked. It is often caused by the wear of the side baffles, which narrows the effective working width of the roll-pressing static roller. A part of the material does not go through the roll surface and directly enters the next step. The load and wear of the V-selection or dispersing machine are increased, and the material not pressed by the roller press will return to the steady flow bin, which reduces the production capacity of the roller press. The side baffle repair can be made of alloy steel or bearing steel with good wear resistance to prolong the service life and reduce the leakage effect at the edge. This can significantly improve the pre-grinding effect, increase the amount of fine powder, and create favorable conditions for subsequent grading.

3. Repair the break bar

The dispersing rod of the V-type classifier is the fastest and most severe part of the wearer. It is easy to be neglected and can not be pre-dispersed, especially if the ingredients have a slightly larger moisture and the cake forms a relatively dense material. Do not use ordinary steel plates when repairing, be sure to use wear-resistant materials.

4. Update the inlet feed valve

The traditional feeding device of the inlet part of the roller press is manually adjusted to the amount of material to be fed. The adjusting inserting plate (stick valve) is easily crushed or blocked by the material, and the adjusting screw is easily stuck due to the ash entering, and once the power is suddenly cut off or improperly adjusted, If the blanking amount is too large, the roll seam will cause the roller press to stop, which will cause the hoist to accumulate material and seriously affect the production. In recent years, a new type of double-feed device with a lever type has been introduced. The feeding device can flexibly control the amount of material between the two rollers of the roller press, that is, control the throughput of the roller press, thereby controlling the current of the two rollers. (effective work), and can improve the work efficiency of the two rolls, can also control the distribution of materials on the two rolls, thereby reducing the current deviation of the two rolls, effectively improving the uneven wear of the two rolls, using the equipment It can increase the output of the grinding system by 5% to 15%.

Second, the internal adjustment of the mill


1. Feeding method optimization

After the large-scale grinding machine, the feeding part is often in the form of a blanking slip, which forms the phenomenon that the material is rushed at the end of the grinding head. The 0.3-0.5 m part forms a “dead zone”, and there is no material or less material. The ball mill position is shortened and the utilization rate is reduced. If the screw feed mode is changed, the effect is better.

2. compartment board repair

The inner sieve slab in the middle of the double-layer compartment board is also often unnoticed. In many cases, the output of the slab is greatly reduced and there is no reason for it. It is caused by the damage of the inner sifter and the entry of a part of the large-sized material into the next warehouse. . Therefore, the damage of the seesaw must be repaired or replaced in time, so you can't bother to save trouble.

3. Activation ring repair

If the activation ring of the grinding bin is incomplete, it should be replaced in time. The author has encountered some serious wear of the grinding ring of the grinding machine. The main reason is that the worker does not know the position and does not replace it in time, thus increasing the grinding dead zone. Affect the quality of the grinding products.

4. Grinding tail slab repair

The frequent blockage of the tailings of the grinding tail is also a factor that plagues the operating efficiency of the mill. The slab structure of the current ball mill compartment board makes it easy for the crushed grinding body to be caught in the quilting and block the quilting, which makes the ball mill's over-feeding capacity worse and the ventilation capacity reduced, directly affecting the ball mill production capacity and the cementing temperature. In recent years, a new type of anti-blocking slab has a sieve plate between the discharge raft and the lifting plate, which can play the role of material and ball separation, and promote the fine powder to enter the lifting plate area through the sieve plate as soon as possible. It not only facilitates the discharge, but also reduces the wear of the abrasive body on the raft, and solves the clogging phenomenon of the discharge raft. Remember: After the piercing of the material is broken, it cannot be sealed with welding rods or iron plates.

Third, timely processing of the internal accumulation of the classifier

O-Sepa separators, the secondary air volume distribution adjustment imbalance, the cold air valve opening is not suitable, will cause the internal accumulation of the classifier. The cage type powder sorter has a large amount of ventilation. Once the material is accumulated, the powder selection and the internal air volume are biased, which seriously affects the efficiency of the powder selection. First and second times, the wind should be repeatedly adjusted repeatedly to find the optimal angle of the damper and the distribution of the air volume. Do not easily modify the mode and structure of the second and third dampers. The opening of the blast valve should not be too large (especially the moisture content of the material being milled) When it is large, it will cause fine powder to adhere to the guide vanes and affect the efficiency of the powder selection.

In summary, some small links in cement grinding equipment are often not taken seriously, but they will have a great impact on the entire production system. Therefore, every link and process in production needs to be carefully and pay attention to. Through the optimization and improvement of these links, the energy consumption of cement grinding and the improvement of product quality will play a very good role.

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