Mobile crusher purchase need to know a few aspects

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In recent years, due to the improvement of the quality of sand and stone and environmental protection requirements, mobile mine crusher has become a very popular equipment, can be said to a large extent instead of the fixed crusher.But many people don't know what they should pay attention to when buying equipment. Today jiangsu LVSSN takes you to know.

1. The production demand of cement line should be clarified

There is more than one type of mobile crushing machine that can be used for bluesite crushing. There are jaw crushing mobile crushers that prefer coarse crushing, impact crushing mobile crushers that prefer medium crushing and shaping, and crawler screening standard mobile crushers that take screening crushing as the core

Mobile crusher

2. Choose the crusher reasonably according to the budget

Under the same output value of bluesite mobile crusher is not only a model, in terms of coarse crushing jaw mobile crusher equipment, when the production can reach 150 tons or so probably have two.To know the same output value, different size of equipment under the quotation but there are differences, especially this kind of multi-match form of mobile crusher equipment, its price difference will be greater.

Mobile crusher

3. Understand the advantages of mobile crusher


(1) flexible and convenient movement

There are two types of mobile mine crusher, crawler type and wheel type, easy to switch, access to the site.

(2) saving investment costs

Mobile mine crusher adopts a new structure to save fuel and electricity, saving up to 25%;In the installation, demolition, do not need to build the foundation, also do not need to transport, only the crusher can be reasonably assembled on the road, can save a lot of costs;In terms of operation, the whole work process has smooth discharge, stable operation, convenient operation and adjustment, low failure rate and low operating cost.

Mobile crusher

(3) site requirements

Mobile mine crusher because of its strong mobility, can be broken in a variety of sites, because it can be opened to the site for operation, so the site requirements are very low.

Besides the above, you should also choose a powerful company. Jiangsu LVSSN is your best choice. You can leave a message with me and we will provide you with more information.

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