Jaw crusher bearing temperature rise abnormal reasons are here

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For jaw crusher, bearing role is self-evident, once damage, will cause shutdown.But in production, bearing will inevitably occur a variety of problems, abnormal temperature rise is one of the common faults, today we will talk about the cause of the crusher bearing heat.

1. Jaw crusher bearing

A pair of bearings are mounted between the rack and the eccentric shaft, usually called rack bearings, which support the eccentric shaft for rotary motion;The other pair of bearings are installed between the movable jaw and the eccentric shaft, which is usually called the movable jaw bearing.Two pairs of bearings transfer the crushing material load to the frame when the crusher is running, which is one of the important parts of jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher

2. Causes of abnormal bearing temperature rise


2.1 severe bearing wear or cage damage

Once bearing wear, over time, the bearing inner ring and outer ring, rolling element and cage size changes, bearing fit clearance increases, running accuracy is reduced, that cause the bearing's temperature was increased, noise, vibration, serious will cause fever, bearing the severe vibration, burned, and even cause the shaft bending.

2.2 poor bearing quality and small original clearance

If the clearance of the bearing does not reach the specified value, the clearance will be too small after installation, which will cause the bearing to heat up during operation and gradually increase the temperature.

2.3 the axial positioning of the bearing is wrong

Once there is a problem with the axial positioning of the bearing, the labyrinth ring or bearing gland is not installed in place. When running, the eccentric axial movement moves to one side, thus reducing the clearance of the bearing and causing bearing heat.

2.4 large machining errors of movable jaw bearing holes

The machining error of bearing holes is large, and the coaxiality exceeds the allowable value. As a result, the coaxiality error of the outer ring of the bearing is large after the installation of the two disk moving jaw bearings, which will cause the clearance to become smaller and the bearing to become hot.

2.5 there is something wrong with the spindle processing

The coaxiality error of bearing journal mounted on both sides of the spindle is too large, which exceeds the allowable value of the design. In this way, the coaxiality error of inner ring after the installation of bearing on both ends is too large, leading to smaller clearance and bearing heating.

2.6 axial movement of the set bushing occurs

At this point, remove the bearing cover on the rack, lock the bushing tightly and remove the flywheel or groove wheel, and replace the new bushing tightly.

2.7 oil hole blockage, bearing off oil, too little oil or too much oil

These will cause the bearing temperature to rise, producing abnormal.During the operation of the equipment, read the instructions carefully, and according to the instructions, on time and quantitative refueling.

2.8 the machining accuracy of the parts cannot meet the requirements

It is also an important factor that the machining precision of equipment parts cannot meet the requirement, especially the machining precision of bearing seat cannot meet the requirement.Bearing housing hole processing to ensure the hole tolerance, roughness and cylindrical requirements.If the hole tolerance is too small, the bearing clearance will be too small, and if it is too large, the bearing will become loose. Both of these conditions will cause bearing heating.

2.9 improper selection of lubricating oil

Bearing lubricants should be selected according to bearing operating temperature, speed index, load characteristics, lubrication mode and other factors, improper selection of lubricants, viscosity is too low or too high, it is difficult to form oil film, will make the bearing running heat can not be taken away, causing bearing heat.

2.10 non-bearing heating

The friction heating of the movable jaw seal sleeve and the end cover, or the double cover of the housing rotating with the spindle, friction heating, these will be considered as abnormal bearing temperature rise.At this time should replace the jaw crusher end cover and sealing sleeve, or loosen the upper bearing cover of the heating end of the rack bearing seat, press into the rack bearing seat groove with fuse and embedded cover, and then fix the bearing cover, eliminate the embedded cover rotation.

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