It's more environmentally friendly to upgrade cement technology

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Cement clinker is mainly composed of CaO, SiO2, Al2O3, etc., and the fly ash of household garbage incineration is almost similar to cement clinker except for heavy metals, dioxins and chlorine salts.

Fly ash production so much, the environmental and human health hazards are also great.With landfills shrinking, does fly ash really have "nowhere to go"?No!Jiangsu LVSSN tells you how to turn fly ash into treasure.

cement kiln collaborative disposal

Waste incineration fly ash water washing and salt extraction (FWD) and cement kiln co-treatment technology are fly ash resource treatment technologies.The main principle of the technology is to make use of the characteristics that the chlorine salt in the fly ash is easily soluble in water, and the composition of the fly ash is similar to that of the cement raw material. Firstly, the chlorine salt in the fly ash is separated by water washing to make salt, and then the fly ash after the dechination is detoxified by the high temperature of the cement kiln to make cement clinker.

The technology consists of five systems, namely, fly ash elution system, water purification system, evaporation salt production system, drying system and kiln feeding system.The technology has been successfully applied in the large-scale disposal project of fly ash, with chlorine removal rate of more than 95%, which can be used as secondary industrial salt and cement clinker raw materials.This technology makes full use of the characteristics of high temperature kiln and fly ash, and is especially suitable for environmental protection transformation and resource disposal of hazardous waste in cement industry.

The use of cement kilns to coordinate the disposal of domestic waste incineration fly ash technology is an international leading advanced technology, which can completely solve the bottleneck problem of waste incineration development, and can alleviate the shortage of land resources caused by the construction of landfill sites.This technology completely realizes the resource utilization of fly ash, effectively USES waste heat and carbon dioxide waste gas, saves energy and reduces greenhouse gases.

cement kiln collaborative disposal

Existing engineering cases prove that the cement produced by waste incineration fly ash (through FWD technology and cement kiln disposal) fully meets the relevant national standards.This treatment of fly ash, not only environmental protection, but also can save cement raw materials.In the big situation of cement industry capacity reduction, waste incineration fly ash water cleaning and salt extraction (FWD) and cement kiln collaborative disposal technology will become an effective means to help cement enterprises environmental protection transformation.

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