Influence of water content on cement formation process

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In cement production process there are many factors restrict the normal production of cement, the water had a great influence on cement production process, material in the original burning material moisture size control, the discretion of the semi-finished products, finished product moisture control plays a big role in the whole cement production, the production cost control and economic benefit of cement produce very big effect

1. Influence of water on cement quality

There are many factors that affect the quality of cement, such as the strength of clinker, specific surface area of cement, particle gradation, cylindricity, mixing amount of mixed materials, etc. Among them, the influence of cement moisture is particularly important, and cement moisture must be strictly controlled within a certain reasonable range.

According to the relevant experimental data, the water content in cement increases by 1%.

Its strength decreases by 2~3MPa, and all water has great influence on cement quality.

2. Influence of pulverized coal moisture on coal consumption

The water content of coal is divided into internal water and external water.

The internal water needs to evaporate at 110℃.

The moisture content of pulverized coal has a serious influence on the calorific value of coal at low value. According to the relevant data test, every 1% increase in moisture content reduces the combustion value by 1%, and the flame temperature decreases by 10-20 ℃.

At the same time when high moisture pulverized coal into the furnace of the calcined, first the evaporation to absorb a lot of calories, and a large amount of water vapor over the coal around, prevent the air into the combustion zone, pulverized coal incomplete combustion phenomenon, flame concentration, the temperature is low, the firing more difficult the clinker calcined out high quality, easy to form a ring in the stove, skinning, ventilation adverse impact stove, clinker production, thus rising coal consumption.

3. Influence of material moisture on mill yield

The presence of water on the impact of volatile raw material grinding, when the material reaches a certain proportion of water, it became a when the material is easily grinding mill and production, the main factors in production control material moisture into the factory by the original burning material status, climate change and the production management level and other factors, for better management level of enterprises, and have better weather conditions, into the factory better material moisture control, impact on the mill output is small;

On the contrary, when the comprehensive moisture content of materials is high, it will lead to the decline of mill output. Take the medium-unloading drying mill as an example, when the comprehensive moisture content of the incoming mill reaches more than 2%, there will be blocking of the silo board, pasting ball, insufficient ventilation inside the mill and other phenomena.

In order to increase the material into the grinding temperature, drying ability should increase the moisture to evaporate as much as possible in the drying chamber, avoid into the final temperature is too high, too much water, grinding medium and liner surface adhesion is fine powder, form a "cushion layer", reduces the impact of the grinding medium for material grinding effect, increase the abrasive resistance, reduces production mill,

4. Influence of material moisture on waste heat power generation

Preheater of waste heat of waste heat power generation is to use the kiln head, only use the redundant quantity of heat of the kiln system effectively improve the tons of clinker capacity to the greatest extent, in order to reduce the moisture of raw material and coal powder, however, only by adjusting the SP boiler and AQC bypass valve, to increase the material into the ground drying air temperature, reduce the heat into the boiler, tons of clinker output will be significantly reduced

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