Improve the toughness of hammer head and prolong the service life of crusher

Date: 2019-08-08 Views:

Now the market crusher hammer head is generally divided into casting and forging, the use of high manganese steel hammer head, good toughness, good technology, can improve the abrasion resistance of crusher, so as to extend the service life of crusher.

At present, many jaw crushers are made of high manganese steel, such as motor fixed jaw plate and side guard plate, hammer head, impact crusher plate hammer and impact plate.The wear resistance of hammer head increases with hardness.

To improve the wear resistance of hammer head, it is necessary to increase its hardness, but with the increase of hardness, the impact toughness of hammer head will decrease.Therefore, how to take into account the suitable hardness and good impact toughness of hammer head is the key to improve the wear resistance of hammer head.High manganese steel has good toughness, good technology, low price, its main characteristic is that under the action of greater impact or contact stress, the surface layer will produce work hardening rapidly, its work hardening index is 5-7 times higher than other materials, the abrasion resistance has been greatly improved, thus can effectively extend the crushing time.

The use of raw materials, hammer head manufacturing quality, structural design, technical parameters and feeding conditions are factors affecting the service life of the crusher.

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