Hunan changsha cement production line case

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Hunan changsha cement production line is composed of a series of cement production equipment production line, has been used in mud, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

The equipment adopted in this production line is advanced and reasonable, which enhances the reliability of the whole production line, and has the advantages of smooth operation and easy control.

[processing materials:] fuel, clinker, mixture, iron ore and limestone are the most common raw materials in cement production line.

[production capacity:] 200-8000 tons/day

[production line equipment configuration:] hammer crusher, jaw crusher, cement ball mill, dryer, powder separator, cyclone dust collector, dry rotary kiln and other related equipment.

[production] : cement production process, you first need to material for two broken, can only be for cement ball mill grinding, crushing and grinding materials in cement ball mill is shaken grinding process, such as in the same time through the feed end of the machine and discharging the material itself materials surface height difference, make the material by the feeding end to discharging end gently flowing, finish grinding homework.

After that, after the material is dried and other processes, the cement clinker is burned. After the raw material is preheated and pre-decomposed in the cyclone preheater, the next step is to enter the rotary kiln for the clinker.

Further rapid decomposition of carbonate in the rotary kiln and a series of reactions take place to produce such minerals as cement clinker.

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