How to replace the roll crusher roll skin?

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Roller crusher and jaw crusher may wear, but sometimes only one component wear, replacement parts still need to continue to use.Roller crusher roller skin is one of the crusher vulnerable parts, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it is often necessary to replace the roller skin.How to replace the roll crusher roll skin?

Roll crusher roll skin

1. The connected power supply of the crusher needs to be cut off. If possible, the main power supply should be cut off.

2. After cutting off the power to the roller crusher, hang the "maintenance" warning sign in a conspicuous position.

3. After hanging the warning sign, the roller skin of the crusher can be replaced.

First of all, the roller crusher pressure relief, and then pull up the mining belt pull rope switch, remove the belt head pumice stone, remove the outlet cover, cover plate and dust cover.In the lifting process, the request specially-assigned person to command, strictly in accordance with the lifting operation procedures.

Roll crusher roll skin

4. If the old lining plate of the roller crusher cannot be removed, it can be cut by gas welding and the surface of the roller crusher can be cleaned.It is necessary to recast concrete on the surface of the lining plate of the roller crusher.It is recommended to mix cement and sand with no. 500-600, with a ratio of 1:3.

5. After installing the lining plate on the top of the roller crusher, first install the compression nut and then pour the zinc alloy.Before pouring, the cone and lining plate of the roller crusher should be preheated to 60~80℃, and the gap between the joints of the lining plate should be plugged with asbestos and clay to prevent the zinc alloy from exposing the lining plate of the roller crusher.Install the compression nut and the locking plate to ensure that they are firmly fixed.

roller crusher

6. After all the steps are completed, the power-on test machine is carried out. After the no-load test machine runs for a period of time, if the equipment runs normally, the material can be added and the operation can begin.

The above six-step process is to replace the roller crusher roller skin method, if found on the roller crusher roller skin wear needs to be replaced in time, because the roller skin slight wear will affect the output and quality of the roller crusher, and serious may lead to the occurrence of mechanical accidents.If you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a message.

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