How to realize the green intelligence of the sand and stone aggregate production line

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In recent years, due to the increasing overcapacity of the cement industry, the profit space of the industry has been continuously compressed, widening the scope of business, increasing the way of profit has become important. On the other hand, the rapid growth of sand aggregate demand in China began to emerge, which virtually opened up a new profit way for the cement industry. However, with the promotion of sand aggregate business in cement industry, the exposed problems are becoming more and more obvious. How to realize the green intelligence of sand aggregate production line has become a big problem.

At present, for sand aggregate industry, although our country is more strict in rectification, but always maintain a supportive attitude. Li Shiqiang said that compared with other industries, the cement industry has a unique advantage in entering the sand aggregate market. First, mine advantages: because of policy reasons, it is more and more difficult for other industries to obtain mining rights, while the cement industry itself has mines; second, human resources advantages: the cement industry has always been directly related to the crushing industry, and the personnel reserve is relatively sufficient; third, technical and financial advantages: large cement enterprises have abundant funds and advanced technology. With the increasing demand for environmental protection in all parts of the country High, only large cement enterprises have the ability to meet such requirements.

After a few years of rectification, the aggregate industry has been rising, the profit space is increased, and the scale of the mine is also increasing. Li Shiqiang, introduction, "At present, the 500-ton crusher is almost difficult to find, and the traditional hammer crusher has been unable to meet the mining demand, in which case, In combination with the advantages of the traditional crusher and the requirement of the customer for green and environmental protection, the heavy-duty reverse-impact crusher has been developed."

Compared with the traditional crusher, the output of heavy impact crushing is higher and the crushing ratio is large. The highest output can reach 3500 tons / h, and the flour yield is less than 15%. In terms of energy consumption, compared with the traditional crushing method, energy saving is more than 45%, and the average energy consumption is only 0.7 degrees / ton. Taking 1000 ton crusher at Taiwan time as an example, RL2026 heavy counterattack crusher can save more than 1.6 million yuan electricity bill every year.

because the main motor drives the rotor with the large belt wheel through the joint group belt, the ore which is fed into the crusher is violently hit on the counter plate of the equipment, the crushed stone material flows out through the sieve plate, and the stone material which is out of the sieve plate is allowed to flow out after being broken again in the crusher cavity, So that the material is crushed into a stone with different specifications between 0 and 140 mm at one time, and the material is in a polyhedron. The traditional hammer breaker adopts the double-rotor structure, the volume is large, the structure is complex, the operation technical requirement and the maintenance technical cost are all high. The operation only needs one person, the structure is more scientific, the maintenance and repair of the wearing parts is more convenient, and the personnel requirements are greatly reduced. pass the test The RL2026 heavy-duty reaction crusher has obvious advantages in labor cost and maintenance cost, which can save nearly 500,000 yuan per year. Because of the simple structure, the machine is easy to close, the dust drop is significant, more in line with the green production requirements.

The production line of the high-quality sand and gravel aggregate production line adopts the first-stage crushing method to realize the production mode of the two-stage crushing method of the traditional production line (the E-breaking + conical breaking or the E-breaking + anti-breaking or the E-breaking + thin-E-breaking), so that at least one equipment section is saved, the corresponding civil engineering cost can be saved, The problems of insufficient funds for cement enterprises and the like are solved successfully. The reversible sand making machine is widely used in the production of high-quality stone materials such as sand and stone materials, high-grade highways, railways, water conservancy, airports, buildings, cement, metallurgy and the like. High processing capacity, high rate of finished product, and convenient maintenance.

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