How to let the ball mill play the biggest advantage

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The rapid development of mineral processing, cement, metallurgy, mineral industry and other industries has driven the application market of ball mill. In order to bring more benefits to us, how to make the ball mill play the greatest advantages.

We know that the ball mill is composed of cylindrical cylinder, end cover, bearing and transmission gear ring, in addition to these parts and directly affect the production and consumption of efficient energy saving ball mill lining and grinding ball!In order to give full play to the advantages of this grinding machine, gm first grasped the lifeblood from its lining plate and grinding ball and then analyzed and manufactured.

ball mill

The cylinder is often subject to physical and abrasive friction and direct impact, the role of the lining plate is to protect the cylinder less damage.Plate has a flat shape, pressure bar, waveform, step, hemispherical, etc., can be adjusted by changing the form grinding body motion, to increase the crushing degree on material, for a long time in the past, lining board of repair and replacement quantity will increase, so it is very important for the material, common high manganese steel, modified high manganese steel, wear-resistant alloy steel, cast iron, etc., so choose a ideal lining board is top priority.

Practice has proved that the grinding effect of the ball mill with different sizes of mixed media is better than that of single size media.In order to mill high efficiency, must be reasonable placement of the mill ball, let large, medium, small ball proportion is appropriate, if one side will cause too much powder and other phenomena.In order to configure the ball reasonably, the specifications of the mill, the fineness of the product, the internal structure and the characteristics of the grinding materials must be considered.

ball mill

If the ball mill grinding efficiency increase, we in addition to the lining board with just the ball to consider, consider both hardness and hardness of the ore is not to say that as hard as possible, they three suitable problems, only can match well improve grinding efficiency, let play the biggest advantage of high efficiency and energy saving ball mill, so choose milling machine must see its essence.

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